Saturday, July 26, 2014

Mohna Lisa Couture 2 Rich Elegant gowns

New release!

Ladies we have a new release 2  rich Elegant Gowns!

Rossa is a deep red color and  Nera Verde is  black and  green shade
both gowns  come with many options to wear and all jewelry is included!

Please come in to try a demo !

MLC Rossa mesh gown

MLC Nera Verde mesh gown

Folder contents

Alpha with Gloves
Alpha without Gloves
Belt  piece
 front piece
 Head piece
 earring L
 earring R
 Full Train and skirt L
 Full Train and skirt M
  Full Train and skirt S
 Full Train and skirt XS
 Full Train and skirt XXS
 Gloves XS
 Gloves L
 Gloves M
 Gloves S
 Gloves XXS
 Gown information notecard
 Hand Piece L
 Hand Piece R
 Lower Skirt Left Leg
 lower skirt Left leg pattern (Add me )
 lower skirt Right Leg
 lower skirt Right Leg pattern ( add me )
 nipple blur ( Color to match skin)
 Rigged Shoulder Drape
Skirt Only L
Skirt Only M
skirt Only S
Skirt only XS
Skirt Only XXS
Top L
Top M
Top S
Top XS

Friday, July 25, 2014

Mohna Lisa Couture - Mr. Virtual World - Wales!

New Release

*designed for  Mr Virtual World Wales !..

Gents, with the latest trend in color and fabric texture, this outfit has been inspired by the latest British Look as seen on runways now.  Stylish  mesh suit with the gloves, hat and umbrella included, this affordable quality outfit is a must!
Four colors to select from,

Available for only 299L, will also make a great gift for that special someone, with our gifting option.

MLC Mr. Virtual World - Wales  Ash

MLC Mr. Virtual World - Wales  Pinot Noir

MLC Mr. Virtual World - Wales Sand

MLC Mr. Virtual World - Wales - Silver Blue 

*Korey MVW Final - Formal

mask and tie pin supplied by Vintage Jewels
Mr. Virtual World - Wales mesh  Contents:
MVW FULL Alpha with Gloves
MVW Pants (L)
MVW Wales Jacket L
MVW Wales  Jacket  M
MVW Wales Jacket XL
MVW Wales pants M
MVW Wales Pants S
MVW Wales Pants XL
MVW Wales Pants XS
MVW Wales Umbrella
MVW Wales Jacket  S

Friday, June 20, 2014

Mohna Lisa Couture Midsummer Night's Dream 5 Hunt

Mohna Lisa Couture is participating in :

A Midsummer Night's Dream 5 Gridwide Hunt
From:  June 21 - July 21, 2014
Cost:  1L each item
Look For: Butterfly

Hint ladies "Find the  West in the East!"

Hint for men " Your looking  for C.K.!"
Good Luck Hunting!
MLC  Sensa  Mesh gown - MND5 Ladies item

MLC Men's Trunks mesh - MND5  Men's item

Friday, June 6, 2014

Mohna Lisa Couture May West Mesh Gowns!

New Release!

MLC May West Mesh is  reminiscent of the  legendary performer Mae West  the Glam Vamp sexy siren  with her oh so  wicked ways! 
This gown  will embrace  your  voluptuous curves! with all its glitz and glam including, jeweled tassels, fur, glitter and more!!

"Come Up and see Us sometime "
and try a demo !


MLC May West - Black & Gold

 MLC May West - Gold

MLC May West - Silver
 MLC May West - Soft Blue

MLC May West - White

MLC May West Mesh gowns  Folder Contents:

May West without top Alpha
May West Alpha 1
May West Alpha 2 (optional for some breast shapes)
May West Center Train
May West Chest jewels
May West  Fur Sleeve Left Lower
May West  Fur Sleeve Right  Lower
May West  Fur Sleeve  Right  upper
May West Glittery Rear Garnish (ADD ME)
May West Glittery Upper Garnish ( ADD ME )
May West Gown L
May West Gown  M
May West Gown  S
May West Gown  XS
May West Gown  XXS
May West  Skirt Left
May West  Skirt Right

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Mohna Lisa Couture New release ! Mens C.K. outfit!

New Release !!

and New Mens Group Gift

Mens - C.K. Outift

Gents, introducing this superb smart casual outfit, with fitted mesh.  Comes with a Texture changing HUD and a large variety of texture ideas to mix and match..

Ladies, looking for a gift for your man? With 6 sizes, 5 standard, and 1 Fitted Mesh, he is bound to fit in this like a glove with minimal to no shape changes..
Come in and try our easy to use Gift option on our vendors.

Excellent Value, Smart Outfit!! Only at MLC where elegance has a new meaning!


MLC C.K. Outift  - Black

MLC C.K. Outift - Blue


MLC Mens group gift - Denim Shirt (Located in VIP room upstairs at MLC)

Friday, May 9, 2014

Mohna Lisa Couture Natasha Mother Day group gift

We  have a Mothers Day gift  at MLC !
MLC Natasha mesh gown !!
Customers we honor you with a special mothers day rose to brighten your day. All located in the V.I.P. room... Happy upcoming mothers day.. Partners .. dont forget!!
MLC Natasha Mesh

MLC Natasha mesh gown folder contents:

Natasha Alpha
Natasha  L
Natasha M
Natasha  S
Natasha  Skirt 1
Natasha  skirt 2
Natasha   XS
Natasha   XXS
resizing instructions (resize)


My mom is a never-ending song in my heart of comfort, happiness, and being. I may
sometimes forget the words but I always remember the tune


Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Mohna Lisa Couture Calista Outfit fitted mesh


Naming this After Calista Ella Super Elite Model at MLC, honoring her many years of loyalty and dedication.
Introducing another fitted mesh casual outfit.!!

MLC Calista Imprints,  MLC Calista Wild Stripes, MLC Calista Lace Classics and  MLC Calista Metallics!
In a wide variety of textures and colors, which automatically fit many* SL shapes...

*Please try the demo  and read the Important information on fitted mesh in the demo pack prior to purchase



MLC Calista Outfit - Imprints


MLC Calista Outfit- Wild Stripes


MLC Calista Outfit- Lace Metallics


MLC Calista Outfit - Lace Classics

MLC Calista Outfit Imprints fitted mesh 2 folder contents
Important information for FITTED MESH Calista
Calista Top Large alpha
Calista Top Alpha
Calista Nipple blur ( Color to match your skin)
Calista Pant Alpha
Caliista Pants fitted One Size feathers
Calista Panted Fitted One Size pattern
Calista Shoulder Adornment Feathers
Calista Shoulder Adornment  Pattern
Calista Top Fitted L Feathers
Calista Top Fitted  L Pattern
Calista Top Fitted M Feathers
Calista Top Fitted M Pattern
Calista Top Fitted S Feathers
Calista Top Fitted S Pattern
MLC Calista  Outfit Fitted Mesh Wild Stripes folder contents:
Important information for FITTED MESH Calista
Calisa Alpha Top
Calista Nipple blur ( Color to match your skin)
Calista Pant Alpha
Calista Pants Fitted Pants Size Black
Calista Pants Fitted  Pants One Size  Blue
Calista Shoulder Adornment  Black
Calista Shoulder Adornment  Blue
Calista Top Fitted L Blue
Calista Top Fitted L Black
Calista Top Fitted M Blue
Calista Top Fitted M Black
Calista Top Fitted S Blue
Calista Top Fitted S Black
MLC Calista Outfit Lace Classics  folder contents:
Important information for FITTED MESH Calista
Calista Nipple blur ( Color to match your skin)
Calista Pants  Alpha
Calista Pants Fitted Pants One Size black
Calista Pants Fitted  Pants One Size  Bronze
Calista Shoulder Adornment  Black
Calista Shoulder Adornment  Bronze
Calista Top Fitted L Black
Calista Top Fitted L Bronze
Calista Top Fitted M Black
Calista Top Fitted M Bronze
Calista Top Fitted S Black
Calista Top Fitted S Bronze
Calista Under top Black
Calista Under Top Bronze

MLC Calista Outfit  Lace Metallics folder contents:
Important information for FITTED MESH Calista
Calista Nipple blur ( Color to match your skin)
Calista Pants  Alpha
Calista Pants Fitted Pants One Size Gold
Calista Pants Fitted  Pants One Size  Silver
Calista Shoulder Adornment  Gold
Calista Shoulder Adornment Silver
Calista Top Fitted L Gold
Calista Top Fitted L Silver
Calista Top Fitted M Gold
Calista Top Fitted M Silver
Calista Top Fitted S Gold
Calista Top Fitted S Silver
Cal;sta Under top Gold
Calista Under Top Silver
Thank you for your interest in Calista
This outfit is a "fitted Mesh" outfit, and comes in 3 sizes for the top, one size for the pants
**Please ensure you have a fitted mesh enabled viewer!!!**
The latest SL viewer and Firestorm are fitted mesh enabled viewers
What is Fitted Mesh?
Fitted Mesh adjusts automatically to your body shape. This means no shape adjustments to *Many* shapes !!
**However**  please remember that there are still Limitations due to Second Life, and depending on your shape, and the style of the mesh garment  you may require some adjustments, or the outfit style may simply not suit your shape!,
*Body Parts that are within SL limitations include Belly size, Body Fat, and Butt Size* You may need to reduce these parts if skin shows through the mesh.
YES - this mesh does move with the size of the breasts. Select the right sized Top and Wear!

NO - It may not fit extremely large sizes, Breast Buoyancy and Breast Join, may need to be altered to fit.
For Large Sized Breasts, The Calista Imprint, and next the Lace will better suit. Calista Stripes, suits only up to a certain size breasts, due to the transparency nature of the design without alpha.
 Please ensure you are fully satisfied with the DEMO version prior to purchase..

Look Great, Feel Great in MLC.. enjoy!!