Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Oh Silvia, how soft and silky you are...

Released Saturday, April 9 2011

Luscious ladies,

This is Silvia, and she's here to make you look amazingly gorgeous.

Silvia Silk - Dusk

Silk that feels just as soft and smooth on your skin as the way it moves with your body is a feeling like no other.

From the silk skirt draped against your legs and flowing with your every move to the crushed silk, ribbons and hints of sparkle, this dress is a show stopper and jaw dropper.

Silvia has just the right amount of elegance and sensual appeal, perfect for an evening or night out, from formal parties to that special date, Silvia will take you there.

Available also in..

Silvia Silk - Gold


Silvia Silk - Black

Model: Dolce Enderfield

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