Wednesday, May 18, 2011

And she's off!!!.... Races Day Outfit

Released: Sunday, May 15 2011

If you've ever gone to horse races or such in the real world, chances are, you might see this type of outfit or something very similar on some of the female spectators.

Introducing the Races Day Outfit

This outfit has quickly become a favorite among fans and even staff and associates of Mohna Lisa Couture since its release this past Sunday at the Mohna Lisa Couture Spring 2011 show.

Races Day Outfit
Copy/Mod/No Transfer

It's hard to find short dresses that are not only sexy, but also classy and elegant, but at Mohna Lisa Couture, that search comes rather easy and this dress is just one example.

The hat itself is a piece of work from the design to size and even the new Mohna Lisa Couture print that we'll be seeing in many more creations to come.

The sleeves are the other highlight of this dress. Attached to the sides, big and poofy, hanging securely, but flowing freely with your arms. Light black and white textures used again, with the MLC print creatively sprawled across, same as the hat.

Other features of this outfit include the black gloves with rolled down sleeves, giving a bit of a flair to the normal hum-drum type gloves usually seen around. If that wasn't enough, take a look at the belt that fits perfectly around your waist and perfectly matches the dress, sleeves, and yes, the hat too. It also comes in matching earrings and a necklace. Can we say all in one?
Finally, the overall design and look of this's black and white, but trust me, it's not boring.

Model: Dolce Enderfield

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