Saturday, August 27, 2011

Presenting, the Contessa Dei Vento by Mohna Lisa Couture...

Beautiful ladies, remember Contessa Dei Sogni?

Presenting, Contessa Dei Vento...the Contessa dress revolutionized and glamorized.

Contessa Dei Vento : Nero

Made from the finest Italian fabrics, laces and jewels, this dress clearly speaks coutured elegance. Wear it with the top underlayer for a more covered look or without for that almost bare look. You'll love the way the top of the skirt fits comfortably around your hips down to your legs and that famous slit specifically designed to show your sexy legs off.

Contessa Dei Vento : Neve

Contessa Dei Vento : Rosso

Contessa Dei Vento : Vino Rosso

Model : Mohna Lisa

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