Friday, November 30, 2012

Mohna Lisa Couture begins 2012 Holiday Shopping season

Ladies and gents , the holiday season HAS STARTED here at Mohna Lisa Couture !!
With a ton of free gifts, group specials on new releases, Christmas gifts and more!!
We start December by announcing that  we are  participating in 3 hunts this month! With impressive free gifts .. Beginning Sat. Dec. 1st

POE5 grid wide hunt beginning
Dec. 1st 2012 to Jan. 6th 2013

Hint: Turn left and ask the golden couple!

POE5 Gift MLC Love is Dotty


Continuation of the Womanstufff hunt 

Dec. 1st 2012 to  Jan 2nd 2013

The perfect  accessory for MLC Lana  dress (previous gift still available)


 Hint: Look past the shoes !



Previous Womanstuff hunt item
Hint: Its not in the dragon with the flagon, but in the urn with the fern !


MLC Lana Dress


Last but not least  The  Candy Cane 4 hunt

beginning Dec.1st 2012 to Dec. 24th 2012

Hint: Go past the fountain, and follow the candy cane path!


MLC Xmas  His and Hers mesh Bathrobes


Happy Holidays  more MLC gifts to come !


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