Friday, February 22, 2013

Mohna Lisa Couture Valentine's Special

MLC Thread Lingerie

Ladies and Gents
Searching for a Valentines day gift ?.. then come to MLC where we  have set up a valentine's Kiosk and  check out these ideal gift ideas
Ladies, why not make yourself the valentine's gift in this sizzly sexy new lingerie  called  Thread Lingerie and yes in that Mohna style, not much too it, but sexy as Hell!! and for a limited time only at more than half the retail price..
Gents this Thread Lingerie is TRANSFER... sooo.. here is Mohna's thought, get her something YOU BOTH WILL LOVE !! :))

Available in 4 different colors and as a fat pack

Thread Lingerie Black
Thread Lingerie Nude
Thread Lingerie Red

Thread Lingerie White




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