Sunday, May 12, 2013

Mohna Lisa Couture Essex gown (mesh)

New release ! MLC Essex LUV gowns (mesh)


This gown dedicated to Essy Luv for her generous donation towards the Relay for Life Charity.. congrats Essy!! and now we release  this gown for all of you to enjoy.
Essex Luv has arrived in time for Mother's day!

MLC Essex Black and Cream

MLC Essex Red Velvet

MLC Essex Black
*Mesh viewer required
(copy/resizer mod/no transfer)
Contents included:
Essex Alpha with breast alpha
Essex Alpha with  NO breast alpha
Essex Drape Right
Essex  L
Essex  M
Essex Nipple blur
Essex Skirt Left
Essex Skirt Right
Essex Small
Essex Upper Leg
Essex XS
 Please try a demo!

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