Monday, March 3, 2014

Mohna Lisa Couture Mayavati gowns!

Mohna Lisa Couture new Release Mayavati

Introducing our New release the  Mayavati gown. Mayavati is an Indian goddess of love,  and as the name suggest so will this gown embrace your love of the glitz and glamor, embracing  your shape finished off by  a sensual sweep into a side skirt .
 The unique sheer sequined  overlay adds spectacular color and style that blend in with the amazing array of intricate and detailed gems designed by Vintage Jewels.   All included.
You will be the goddess of love, and will be loved,  at that event or on the dance floor in  MLC Mayavati gown

 Many gown and gem colors to choose from!

 Please come in and try a demo!

MLC Mayavati Glamor

MLC Mayavati - White Black

MLC Mayavati -Red

MLC Mayavati - Silver Red

MLC Mayavati -  Black Red Gold

MLC Mayavati - Black Red Gold Green

Mayavati White Black contents:

Mayavati Information
resizing instructions
Mayavati Alpha
Mayavati L
Mayavati  M
Mayavati  S
Mayavati Side leg garnish white (add me )
Mayavati  Side skirt white
Mayavati  XS
Mayavati  XXS
VJ Mayavati  Black Arm Bracelet R1
VJ Mayavati  Black Arm Bracelet R2
VJ Mayavati  Black  Bracelet L
VJ Mayavati  Black  Bracelet R
VJ Mayavati  Black Earring L
VJ Mayavati  Black Earring  R
VJ Mayavati  Black Forehead
VJ Mayavati  Black Necklace
VJ Mayavati  Black Ring L
VJ Mayavati  Black Ring R

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