Monday, November 17, 2014

Mohna Lisa Couture 2 NEW RELEASES Patricia & Sheer Love gowns!

Two New Releases!!

1.Patricia Gown (I like to call it Simply NOT there gown) because its even more sheer than the Barely There Range in the store.  An absolutely elegant stunning part mesh gown, that will fit most shapes and sizes.. Less is definitely more with this eye popping ever so Sheer outfit.... Wear it if you dare!!

Available in 5 luscious colors

MLC Patricia - Black

MLC Patricia - Cool Pink

MLC Patricia - Gold

MLC Patricia - Nude

MLC Patricia - Silver

2. Sheer Love,  This part mesh gown, follows the look and feel of the season with a sheer lace bodice, and train over a classical minidress.. very elegant with a lot of technique to capture that transparent lace over dress feel..  Available in two colors

MLC Sheer Love - Creame

MLC Sheer Love - Silver Black

MLC Sheer Love Gown folder contents:

Sheer Love (L)
Sheer Love (S)
Sheer Love (S)
Sheer Love (XS)
Sheer Love (XXS)
Sheer Love Gloves S
Sheer Love Gloves Alpha
Sheer Love Gloves L
Sheer Love Gloves M
Sheer Love Gloves XS
Sheer Love Gloves XXS
Sheer Love Gown (M)
Sheer Love Note card information
Sheer Love Inner Mesh Skirt Lining
Sheer Love Nipple Blur ( Color to match your skin)
Sheer Love Nipple Lace (OPTIONAL)
Sheer Love Non Fitted Mesh Belt
Sheer Love Short Skirt
Sheer Love Top

MLC Patricia Gown folder contents:

Patricia Fitted Mesh Top
Patricia  Glove M
Patricia  Glove S
Patricia  Glove XS
Patricia  Glove XXS
Patricia  Gloves Alpha
Patricia  Glove L
Patricia  Mesh Inner Skirt
Patricia  Nipple Blur (Color to match your skin)
Patricia  Rear Butterfly Garnish
Patricia Skirt Left Leg
Patricia  Skirt Right Leg
Patricia  Underpants

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