Friday, September 17, 2010

Mohna Lisa Couture Fall Fashions!

Heya fellas, here are some awesome sweaters and slacks to get your Fall Fashion moving in the right direction. A lot of people think sweaters on men are not sexy. Au contraire! Check these out and tell me it ain’t so, ladies!

A walk through the fall leaves shows Burly in his MLC Blue Open Sweater and Blue Low-rise Pants. The sweater features a buckle type prim collar and prim cuffs. The pants also have prim cuffs to avoid that “expecting a flood” look that I see with so many pants these days. The MLC monogram is embeded in the fine fabric on the left breast. Sophistication enough for even the finest of gents!

This selection shows Burly in an MLC Beige Open Sweater and Tan Low-rise Pants. The sweater sports prim collar and cuffs and the pants have prim cuffs also. The detail to the textures and patterns along with the MLC monogram show remarkable detail for a very distinguished gentleman’s look!

Burly awaits a ride In his MLC Striped Black and White Sweater and black low rise pants. The sweater features prim collar and cuffs and a nice scarf to accent the sweater. The pants also sport the prim cuffs for that perfect fit. If you look closely, you will also see the buckle type collar and the classy MLC monogram embeded into the sweater on the left breast. A man or woman’s sign of quality in design and style.

Shielding his eyes from the sun gives him a fine view of the fall colors while looking sharp as a tack in his MLC Grey Sweater and scarf combo with black low-rise slacks. Yes, the sweater has a prim collar and cuffs to go with that trendy scarf draped around his neck and the pants have the prim cuffs also. But just look at the awesome detail in the knit patterns of the textures! I should think any woman would be proud to stand next to her man in this design! Get yur butt down to MLC now and get yours today! Tell ‘em Burly from Opium Insight sent you!

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