Monday, November 25, 2013

Mohna Lisa Couture Candy Cane Hunt 5 News!

As VIP members you are the very first to know, come and join us at MLC in   Candy Cane 5 hunt for fantastic Xmas Gifts for both the ladies and gents!

From:  Nov 25 - Dec 25, 2013
Cost:  1L each item

 Candy Cane Hunt 5 Hint: : Shopping for a Bridal gown can be exhausting, sit down and relax!

CCH5 Men's Hunt item  - MLC Spotted Man
 CCH5 Ladies Hunt item MLC Allure Mesh  Candy Cane Edition

MLC Allure Candy Cane edition   CCH5
folder  contents :

Allure Alpha
Allure Glitch pants )OPTIONAL)
Allure note card INFORMATION
Allure Nipple Blur ( Color to match your skin)
Allure Shoulder garnish
Allure Skirt L
Allure Skirt M
Allure Skirt S
Allure Skirt XS
Allure Skirt XXS
Allure  Top Large
Allure  Top Medium
Allure  Top Medium Curvy
Allure  Top Small
Allure  Top Small Curvy
Allure  Top XS
Allure  Top XXS


MLC Spotted Man mesh  folder contents:

Spotted Man Alpha
Spotted Man Hat
Spotted man shirt 2 L
Spotted man shirt 2 M
Spotted man shirt 2 S
Spotted man shirt 2 XL
Spotted man shirt 2 XS

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