Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Mohna Lisa Couture - Peace on Earth 6 hunt news!

POE6 Hunt 2013

Ladies As VIP members you are the very first to know,
Mohna Lisa Couture is participating in:

POE6 - The Sixth Annual Peace On Earth Gridwide Hunt to run
 December 1, 2013 to January 6, 2014.

What to look for : globe cost 0L

Hint for POE6 : Here comes the Bride  , sit down and  play the "Wedding March" !

This  the  POE6 gift!

MLC Allure mesh gown

MLC  Allure POE6 Hunt folder contents:
Allure Alpha
Allure Glitch black  pants )OPTIONAL)
Allure note card INFORMATION
Allure Nipple Blur ( Color to match your skin)
Allure Skirt L
Allure Skirt M
Allure Skirt S
Allure Skirt XS
Allure Skirt XXS
Allure  Top Large
Allure  Top Medium
Allure  Top Medium Curvy
Allure  Top Small
Allure  Top Small Curvy
Allure  Top XS
Allure  Top XXS

* POE6  Poster  gown MLC Nemesis in Gold

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