Monday, December 13, 2010

Hollywood Nights

Released December 9, 2010

Ladies, for all those upcoming glamorous holiday events, Mohna Lisa Couture has designed the perfect gown for you.

It's red carpet time.

Hollywood Nights by Mohna Lisa Couture

Hollywood Nights - Gold

Come and experience this sensational 1930's inspired, Hollywood glamourous gown. Look and feel like Gene Harlow and all of the other beautiful Hollywood stars of the time.

Hollywood Nights - Dusk

The dress, made from sleek satin, comes with a sexy bodice made out of vintage lace and is topped off with a sensational must have stole.

Hollywood Nights - Midnight

Simply divine, simply glamorous...simply sexy & elegant.

Hollywood Nights - Ice Blue

Hollywood Nights - Snow

The Dalesford Tuxedos

Released November 17, 2010

The search for that perfect tuxedo is over....

Dalesford Tuxedo by Mohna Lisa Couture

Dalesford Tuxedo - Charcoal

The holidays are here once again and Mohna Lisa Couture wants to send you out in style.
With the Dalesford, the search for that perfect formal tuxedo is over. Coming in charcoal, beige and burgandy, the Dalesford gives you a wide range of styles to suit nearly any formal event of the year, whether it's a dance, party or even the theatre.

Dalesford Tuxedo - Burgundy

Dalesford is all about quality and choice. Choose from a southern tie, bow tie or classic tie. Wear the tuxedo as it is, with or without the vest, with the scarf included or not, or for that formal, yet relaxed look, wear just the vest and dress shirt with the pants.

Dalesford Tuxedo - Beige

As if photos weren't enough proof that this tuxedo is a clear example of formal variety, here, in detail, is what you get with the tuxedo: a choice of 5 prim collars/tie styles, shirt, vest, jacket chain, jacket open, jacket with vest, modifiable pants, pants for vest only look, gloves, shoes, prim cuffs, prim shirt sleeves with ruby cufflings, modifiable prim pant cuffs, prim pant cuffs with resizer, tuxedo tails for formal, and non-shaped tuxedo tails, all of which are resize-able via script resizers.

What could make these tuxedos even better? As mentioned above...the fact that they are TRANSFERRABLE, making them a perfect holiday gift for any guy who loves looking his best!

Model: Maverick Falconer

The Princess Autumn Gowns

Released November 11, 2010

Ladies and gentlemen, Princess Autumn has arrived....

Princess Autumn by Mohna Lisa Couture

Although designed and released in the Fall, these gowns are perfect year round.

This season, let Mohna Lisa Couture help bring out the princess in you with the Princess Autumn gowns. Made of fine silk and laces in incredible new, to MLC, color combinations, it is guaranteed to give you that royal aura and aire, turning you into the beautiful princess that you've always been.

The Princess gowns come in 5 different color varieties, as shown below, giving every princess her natural right to wear what she feels, from dark to colorful, or fresh to carefree.

Princess Autumn - Dawn

Princess Autumn - Sky

Princess Autumn - Cloud

Princess Autumn - Rainbow

Princess Autumn - Night

Model: Chickie Ashbourne

Slip into sexy,silky elegance with Thread Bare Silk

Released October 6, 2010

This enchantingly stunning dress needs little introduction and gives bare a whole new look.

Thread Bare Silk by Mohna Lisa Couture

Coming with just above the elbow silk gloves and a soft silk wrap that drapes gracefully over your shoulders makes it perfect for the cooler weather. The dress itself has more of that soft, silky material, contouring to the luscious and curvy shape of the female body and flowing seamlessly down to the silk skirt that opens on one side, perfectly complimenting the silk thread accents on the left leg.

Thread Bare Silk - Dusk

The Thread Bare Silk Gown lives true to its name, with delicate but strong silk threads intertwined with the silk fabric, creating intricate little designs against your bare skin. The thread, in an amazing work of art, completes the dress, encasing the silk skirt in stitches of threaded loveliness, finished off with a 100% threaded silk train to finalize this incredible creation, the Thread Bare Silk Gown.

Thread Bare Silk - Noir (black)

Model: Mohna Lisa

Lord Stapleton Leather Jackets

Released end of September 2010

Let's face it, quality leather jackets never go out of style and can keep you warm Fall through Spring.

Branching off from the Lord Stapleton Leather Tuxedos are the L.S. Leather Jackets from Mohna Lisa Couture, made from the finest leather.

The jackets come with a (optional) white singlet top and resize-able (via script) prim sleeve cuffs and collar. They also come in 3 different color shades, as shown below...perfect for a bit of variety or matching clothes and are transferrable, making them a perfect holiday gift for that special guy or gal.

**Note** Women can wear these leather jackets too, however additional resizing through the resizer script will most likely be needed for proper fitting.

L.S. Leather Jacket
Dark Tan
L$299 - Transfer

L.S. Leather Jacket
Dark Grey
L$299 - Transfer

L.S. Leather Jacket
L$299 - Transfer

Pick one or all three up today!

Would you like pants with that?
Pick up a pair or two of Mohna Lisa Couture's Low Rise pants for only L$199 each. They come in dark: Green, Blue, Tan and Black with resize-able leg cuffs, plus, the pants are modifiable.
These pants, however, are no transfer, but they will go great with the L.S. Leather Jackets!

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Group Gifts at Mohna Lisa Couture - December 2010

Everyone loves something for free and at Mohna Lisa Couture, you can always find great group gifts near the entrance that are changed at every new release (1-2 times a month). And at Mohna Lisa Couture, it may be free, but no one will ever know (unless you tell them.)

The Lil Black Dress
Every girl needs one of these...
No transfer

Unisex MLC Jeans
comes with resize-able sculpted leg cuffs
No Transfer

Urban Woman
comes with resize-able prim collar & sleeve cuffs w/a white tank (undershirt)
No Transfer

Urban Man
comes with resize-able prim collar & sleeve cuffs w/a white tank (undershirt)
No Transfer

Duchess of Felines - Pant Suits

Released September 2010

Introducing the Duchess of Felines pant suits, by Mohna Lisa Couture.

Keep warm this season while still looking elegant and sexy. These pant suits are ideal for a variety of occassions..from that special date to a walk in the park, and even dinners and in the office.

Too warm? Take off the jacket off to wear the bodice by itself for a more laid back look; perfect for indoors!

Includes: prim upper jacket, prim lower jacket, prim lower jacket organza, fur lined lower sleeves, modifiable prim leg cuffs, resizeable leg cuffs, belt, corset top, pants, and jacket lining.

Available in 4 different color styles...

Milk - L$250 - Transfer

Silver - L$299 - Transfer

Bronze - L$299 - Transfer

Nero (Black) - L$299 - Transfer

Gold - L$299 - Transfer

Duchess of Doves gowns

Released August 26th, 2010

Introducing the Duchess of Doves gowns...

This graceful piece is designed to make an entrance and statement wherever you go.
Feathers and jewelled roses and stretched satin tightly hug and highlight your luscious curves while the fur and jeweled cape flow elegantly behind you. Guaranteed to drop jaws.

Comes in 3 different colors...

Milk - L$599 - Transfer

Nero (black) - L$599 - Transfer


Pewter - L$599 - Transfer

Thursday, September 23, 2010

It's a bird, it's a plane, NO! It's a Peacock!!

Presenting....the Peacock....

Is it possible that a dress, let alone, an animal, can be a work of art?

It's possible, as Mohna Lisa proved with her own creation of this dress with it's release on August 13, inspired by the beautiful bird itself, the Peacock.

Notice the gorgeous aspects of this stunning piece, from the head of the peacock resting on your chest to the way it wraps around the breast line and flows dow
n your stomach with a beautiful display of feathers, made out of lace and blue opals.

The peacock, being one of nature's own beautiful creations, will come alive on you with this dress from the feathers to the opals, complete with the long train and subtle feather finish on the back strap.

The Peacock comes with a choice of 2 centre train lengths: long and extra long, giving you a total of 3 different dress options, ranging from evening to formal.

You can find this dress at Mohna Lisa Couture for the low price of L$869. It's also transferrable, making a perfect gift for that special someone or friend!

Friday, September 17, 2010

Mohna Lisa Couture Fall Fashions!

Heya fellas, here are some awesome sweaters and slacks to get your Fall Fashion moving in the right direction. A lot of people think sweaters on men are not sexy. Au contraire! Check these out and tell me it ain’t so, ladies!

A walk through the fall leaves shows Burly in his MLC Blue Open Sweater and Blue Low-rise Pants. The sweater features a buckle type prim collar and prim cuffs. The pants also have prim cuffs to avoid that “expecting a flood” look that I see with so many pants these days. The MLC monogram is embeded in the fine fabric on the left breast. Sophistication enough for even the finest of gents!

This selection shows Burly in an MLC Beige Open Sweater and Tan Low-rise Pants. The sweater sports prim collar and cuffs and the pants have prim cuffs also. The detail to the textures and patterns along with the MLC monogram show remarkable detail for a very distinguished gentleman’s look!

Burly awaits a ride In his MLC Striped Black and White Sweater and black low rise pants. The sweater features prim collar and cuffs and a nice scarf to accent the sweater. The pants also sport the prim cuffs for that perfect fit. If you look closely, you will also see the buckle type collar and the classy MLC monogram embeded into the sweater on the left breast. A man or woman’s sign of quality in design and style.

Shielding his eyes from the sun gives him a fine view of the fall colors while looking sharp as a tack in his MLC Grey Sweater and scarf combo with black low-rise slacks. Yes, the sweater has a prim collar and cuffs to go with that trendy scarf draped around his neck and the pants have the prim cuffs also. But just look at the awesome detail in the knit patterns of the textures! I should think any woman would be proud to stand next to her man in this design! Get yur butt down to MLC now and get yours today! Tell ‘em Burly from Opium Insight sent you!

Lord Stapleton Leather Tuxedo - FIRST LOOK!

There are not a lot of outfits in SL for men that make me go "WOW!" But tuxedos designed by Mohna Lisa of Mohna Lisa Couture definitely fit in that category and the Lord Stapleton Leather Tuxedo which was released today is no exception! As a model I am a bit of a formal wear nut. Its something I love to model and Mohna's tuxes are a cut above IMHO. The Victorian flavor of Mohna's tuxes is one I consider exceptionally rich looking, sophisticated if you will.

The tuxedo comes in two versions, black and white. The colors apply to the shirts and ties only as the rest of the tuxedo is the same. Above you will see the white version with the white leather shirt and white "frilly" tie which includes a nice red accent from the tie pin. I consider the textures of the leather in this outfit to be no less that breathtaking! I swear I can hear the sound of the leather and smell it while wearing this awesome outfit.

The version above is from the white tuxedo which sports a white shirt and a black leather necktie "out" which has the MLC trademark logo on it. Smart and trendy indeed. Look closely at the prim cuffs on the jacket sleeves and their straps with silver buckles on them. Sharp to the minute details. The prim collar to the jacket is perfect in its seam and fit.

Above we have the black version with a black leather shirt and tie, adorned with a nice gold tie pin. Check out the silver belt accompanied by a small double sash on the right and a large double sash on the left. Another feature that adds a lot of style to this creation! The details are phenomenal.

Above is my personal fave, the black version with a black leather shirt and the black leather tie "out" with the MLC logo on it. I love the tie pin, a silver screw....very cool! And lets not forget about the pants. The leathers look awesome and they fit like a glove. Prim cuffs on the bottom insure a proper fit with shoes, or in/out of boots too.

I cannot say enough about the quality and design of this tuxedo. I have come to expect a lot from Mohna's designs and she never disappoints, but this one is definitely a "cut above" even her best. I would absolutely wear this for any function whatsoever and I guarantee, heads would turn, fellas! Ladies, if you would like to see your man dressed this way, feel free to purchase it as a gift for him that he will long remember. Here is the limo for Mohna Lisa Couture and tell them Burly Tigerpaw sent you.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Introducing the Eurasia Doll dress...

Now you can bring a touch of Asia with you wherever you go in Second Life with the Eurasia Doll dress from Mohna Lisa Couture, released June 30, 2010.

"I got my inspiration for this dress from watching passerbys at my favorite open bar on Orchid Rd in Singapore."
- Mohna Lisa

Eurasia Doll comes in 3 colors, in addition to black: Mauve, Black and White, and Beige.

This is an absolutely cute little dress, totally fitting for a doll who loves to shop..and perfect to shop in!

Available at Mohna Lisa Couture for only L$350 each. (copy, no modify, no transfer)

Monday, September 6, 2010

Bonnie & Clyde Spotted at Mohna Lisa Couture!

"This here's Miss Bonnie Parker."

"I'm Clyde Barrow."

"We rob banks."
(Bonnie and Clyde, 1967)

Grab your guns, secure that money belt!!! It has been confirmed that Bonnie and Clyde are hiding out in Mohna Lisa Couture and they've brought their guns, cigarettes, cigars and vintage style with them!

Thanks to Mohna Lisa, gentlemen can now look just as doggy, smooth and pip as Clyde Barrow with the suits from the Bonnie and Clyde collection.

In addition to black, they also come in the following colors:




with a choice of two ties included, complete with shoes, a pocketwatch, a lit cigar and matching hat!

An outfit this smoking would cost you quite the suds at other places with less than satisfactory quality, which is why Clyde settled only for the best and "persuaded" Mohna to sell the suits at the bargain price of L$450 only, each!

Mohna hasn't forgotten about the ladies and Bonnie made sure she didn't forget the gun! Now with the Bonnie dress from the Bonnie and Clyde collection, the ladies can dress like that beautiful moll, the sexy looker, Bonnie Parker, what a doll!

The dress, made out of satin, comes in a choice of three different colors (plus black):




complete with a white shoulder fur wrap to keep you warm, gloves to hide the fingerprints and a leg garter with a gun for that....added protection. All for only L$699 each. Tin in your pocket.

Get down to Mohna Lisa Couture now and grab these outfits...but keep your eyes open for wandering gangsters.....

Oh, and if you happen to see Clyde, hide your gun and offer to light his cigar. ;-)