Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Mohna Lisa Couture - Menstuff & Womanstuff 2014 Hunts!

Mohna Lisa Couture is particfipating in the Menstuff & Womanstuff 2014 Hunts!

  MARCH 1st - MARCH 31st
  cost 1L
  What to look for the  red (womanstuff )  or blue  (Menstuff)shirt

  Menstuff  Hint:  Walk a "Mile" to find a Trench coat!

 Womanstuff  Hint: Take a "Memo" to checkout the New MVW gowns!

Good Luck Hunting!

pictures of Hunt items

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Mohna Lisa Couture -World Tour 2014 Hunt , Australia

Mohna Lisa Couture represents the Continent of Australia in the World Tour 2014 Gridwide Hunt

From:  Feb 21 - March 31, 2014
Cost:  1L each item
What to look for - a world globe

Hint : Good Day Mates enjoy our Warm Hospitality when in the land down under !!
Grab a Card and go Shopping!!!

Please see the pictures below of MLC hunt Items!

MLC  Australian Fire Opal Ring and Bangle Men's Hunt Item

MLC Australian Fire Opal Ring and Bangle Ladies Hunt item

Opal is the national gemstone of Australia, which produces 97% of the world's supply. This includes the production of the state of South Australia, which accounts for approximately 80% of the world's supply.
The town of Coober Pedy in South Australia is a major source of opal.

Fire Opals are thought to bring Good luck to the wearer!

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Mohna Lisa Couture Ravage Gown

MLC New release Ravage gown

Happy Valentines Day! NEW GOWN just in time for Valentines Day

Ladies .... RAVAGE has arrived !
Just in Time for your day of romance we reveal  a Stunning  gown bedecked with dazzling  jewels enveloping your bodice , and over the shoulder to drape seductively down the back MLC Ravage gown surrounds you in a  billowing sheer skirt sure to capture any ones Heart!
comes in  4 sizzling colors

MLC Ravage - Red

MLC Ravage - Black & Red

MLC Ravage - Black & White

MLC Ravage - Black & Gold

MLC Ravage mesh Gown folder contents:

Ravage Flexi Gown
Ravage information note card  PLEASE READ ME
Ravage Nipple Blur (Color to match your skin)
Ravage Alpha
Ravage Chest Ornament
Ravage Earring Long Left
Ravage Earring Long Right
Ravage Earring Short Left
Ravage  Earring Short Right
Ravage Lower  Skirt Left
Ravage Lower  Skirt Right
Ravage Shoulder Garnish
Ravage Skirt L
Ravage Skirt M
Ravage Skirt S
Ravage Skirt XS
Ravage Skirt  XXS
Ravage Sleeve Jewel
Ravage Sleeve L
Ravage Sleeve M
Ravage Sleeve S
Ravage Sleeve XS
Ravage Sleeve XXS
Ravage Top L
Ravage Top M
Ravage Top S
Ravage Top XS
Ravage Top XXS

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Mohna Lisa Couture Valentine Special Delila Lingerie !!!



Its that time of the Year, to show your Expression of Love ......... What better then a  sexy lacy    lingerie set ,
To say I Love You!!  MLC Delila lingerie is a sensual  sheer French lace in 3 shades!!

MlC Delila Lingerie - Black, Nude & Red!

MLC Delila Lingerie folder contents:

Delila panties black
Delila panties nude
Delila panties red
Delila top black
Delila top  nude
Delila top  red