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GIFT CARDS are now available to customers.


      NOTE: Gift cards can only be used at the Mohna Lisa Couture Main Store.  They cannot be used in the V.I.P. area.

1) Purchase a gift card with an amount assigned to it, then transfer to the recipient.  Amounts available are: $1000, $2000, $3000 and $5000
2) Obtain a free gift card.  Go to the TopUp Terminal and enter the amount you wish on the gift card.

1. Go to The Gift Card Topup Terminal located in the Customer Assistance area of Mohna Lisa Couture Main Store.
2. Wear the Mohna Lisa Couture Gift Card
3. Right click the terminal  and select Pay.
      --> A payment box appears on the top left of your screen.
4. Select an amount then click PAY
      --> A message appears saying you have paid Mohna Lisa
      --> The hovertext on your Mohna Lisa Couture Gift Card will then show the L$ balance to spend.
5. Ensure you also send the Instructions on how to SPEND and CREDIT with the Gift Card to the recipient.

1. Wear your card.
      -->The card appears as a HUD on the bottom right corner of your screen..
2. Touch the center of the vendor to buy the item.
         --> A BUY NOW button appears on the gift card.
         --> The hovertext on the card shows how much the item costs and how much credit you have.
         --> A payment box appears at the top hand corner of your screen.
3. On the card, touch BUY NOW.
       --> The item is delivered to you.
NOTE: If there is not enough credit on the card, a message asks if you want to pay the extra L$.
        Touch [YES] or [NO]

                *  A yellow warning message appears on the top right hand side of your screen.
                   The message asks for your permission to take the extra L$ from your account.
                * Touch YES to buy the item using extra L$ from your account.
        --> The extra L$ are debited from your account.
        --> The item is delivered to you.
        --> The balance on your gift card shows 0L$.

IF YOU TOUCH NO: Nothing happens.
Please ensure that what you purchase is what you want, because there are no refunds on any of the outfits.  Please ensure you take a demo of any of the mesh items and others that are available  to you. We strongly recommend you  read any available note-cards provided for you in demo packages for more information on the items you are looking to purchase.

All outfits are either copy/mod, copy/resizer mod/ or resizer mod/transfer.  All outfits marked transfer can be gifted and passed to another person.. Please ensure you check the vendor for permission details before buying an item for a gift.

If you purchased an item that doesn't show up in inventory, please cut/paste the transaction from your account in History Transactions into a note-card and send to the person you paid.  This must be done within one week of purchase.
  • Example
    788765088 Date: 2012-04-13 08:01:06
    Object Sale
    Description: *MLC* Contessa Dei Sogni Nero : by Mohna Lisa
    Region: Gowns
    Destination: John Doe
For any inquiry or assistance, follow the information provided by the pick tabs in Mohna Lisa Profile

If you wish to contact Mohna Lisa, please send a notecard with details of your inquiry.  Any im will and usually does get capped. Response time may take up to 48 hours.

Mohna Lisa Couture is a protected brand, owned by a registered and legally operating company in RL.  Any theft, or fraudulent activities against this brand will be treated as a Crime, and will be subject to the same terms, conditions and  process with the authorities in Real Life.

Mohna Lisa
CEO Mohna Lisa Couture

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