Saturday, June 5, 2010

Queen of Sheba

Introducing Sheba

This gown, says wear me if you dare.. !! Its the perfect example of a gown that shows all, but reveals nothing.. Comes in 3 silky color choices... black, argent and noir

Lets take a closer look... the finest silks embrace the long and well shaped legs, letting the side of the right one show when walking through the slit that goes from the hips to the toe...

The edge of the skirt and the cute ruffles at the sides are adorned with the same filigrees you can find hidding the private parts at the bodyce... the sensual skin is covered by a semy-transparent fabric that leaves the back discovered.

Showing Monha's love for details, you will find a pendant made by a black gem enhancing the feminine cleavage, so you dont need other jewelerie around your neck.

Make your way to Monha Lisa Couture and feel yoruself like the Queen of Sheba

Latin Diva

Introducing Latin Diva

The gorgeous, floral patterned silk fabric is what gives this gown both its uniquness and Latin appeal.. Its style and flamboyance is only fit for those Diva's who want to stand out with the highest class and sensuality.. It comes in two shades, and two cuts... the sensual cut a unique and head turning new look for our gowns..

You can find this unique gown in two different versions, the full version and the sensual version; even more provocative and perfect to show the long sexy legs with the elegant touch Monha Lisa Couture always have.

You can find both versions in two different colors, black or classic, i have picked the classic and full version and the black sensual to show you

Make your way to Monha Lisa Couture to see our beautiful models wearing them to fell in love with this amazing design....

Wednesday, June 2, 2010


Introducing Enchantress

This piece is pure spell binding seduction. The sensually cut piece is highlighted by shimmers of sparkle in the effect of buckles and straps in the front and on the gloves, all slightly cloaked by a semi transparent wrap of pure sparkles around the bodice.

You can find Enchantres in two different and captivating colors, black and argent

You will feel you are dancing with the stars in this unique gown.. Pictures cannot not show this captivating shimmery effect.. so come in store and see it on our models.. purely enchanting......