Saturday, March 27, 2010

Manor Tuxedo Formal Gold

This outfit is stylish, with influences from Miltary formal wear and highly elegant Evening Suits. What stands this out from the run of the mill tuxedo is it speaks elegance, and stands out from the crowd, with its detail work and stylish collar and tail. The gold buttons, waistcoat and belt detail is intricate and speaks quality. The Cravet is held in place with a gold pin that nests between an open buckle collar. The outfit comes with some options, such as open collar shirt,closed collar and gloves for those times you have to appear fashionable without being too formal. The outfit is ideal for wedding wear, ballroom and for taking out your special lady and looking impressive. This is sure to get you noticed wherever you go.

White Diamond Sensual

White Diamond

Silver Diamond

Red Diamond

Black Diamond

Champagne Diamond

Diamonds are Forever

How Hollywood exquisite these stunning gowns are, you will feel like a movie star in them, with their gorgeous May West, Marilyn Munro, Greta Barbo look and feel.... Imagine, so romantic, so sensual, so perfect for that eye catching look. The 6 Gowns in this range come in various colors and styles, giving you a wide choice depending on your romantic mood and scene. Be careful though, you will have to fight off the attention wearing the diamond range.

Vest Tuxedo Charcoal

Vest Tuxedo Grey

The Vest Tuxedo comes in 3 colors, Grey, Charcoal and Black, and whilst formal, it pushes the boundary for style, and will distinguish you from the masses, making you stand out as elegant, fashionable yet still formal. The outfit features high quality textures with prims to add that flair, so do you want to be noticed and make a big impression, then please consider the Vest Tuxedo, its sure to please.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Seduction Violet Night

Seduction Noir

Seduction ICE

Seduction Fire Sky

Seduction by Mohna Lisa Couture

As pictured worn by our beautiful model Arisa, this gown will steal hearts. Made from a drapery of soft silk, that you actually want to run your fingers over, enjoying its soft smooth texture.

A closer look reveals the highlight of this sensual classical piece, a beautiful bouquet of prim roses that is the strap, tapering down to a sparkling arry of diamond chains, sitting mischieviously down one side of the back

The Assymetical bodice is also adourned by another bouquet on a diamond chain...isn't it just mmmmm.