Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Mohna Lisa Couture - Arabian Nights Hunt

Mohna Lisa Couture will be participating in the Gridwide  Arabian Nights Hunt!

May 20 - June 20, 2013

Look for: Gold Genie Lamp
Cost:  1L

Hint: Crawl across the burning sands to find the Magnificent Arabian Charger!
(Item is inside store follow the camel tracks they will point you right direction!)

Hunt items pictures below.

For the  Men
MLC Arabian Keffiyeh

For the Ladies
MLC Arabian Slave

Ladies the jewelry is included, earrings and necklace!!!

Good Luck Hunting!

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Mohna Lisa Couture Essex gown (mesh)

New release ! MLC Essex LUV gowns (mesh)


This gown dedicated to Essy Luv for her generous donation towards the Relay for Life Charity.. congrats Essy!! and now we release  this gown for all of you to enjoy.
Essex Luv has arrived in time for Mother's day!

MLC Essex Black and Cream

MLC Essex Red Velvet

MLC Essex Black
*Mesh viewer required
(copy/resizer mod/no transfer)
Contents included:
Essex Alpha with breast alpha
Essex Alpha with  NO breast alpha
Essex Drape Right
Essex  L
Essex  M
Essex Nipple blur
Essex Skirt Left
Essex Skirt Right
Essex Small
Essex Upper Leg
Essex XS
 Please try a demo!

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Mohna Lisa Couture Nemesis 2 Bad Black (non mesh gown!)

New Release MLC  Nemesis 2 Bad Black !

Mohna Lisa  latest  release  MLC Nemesis 2 Bad Black,  just in time for Mothers day!
This  NON MESH GOWN has  touches of gold  fleur   with a semi nude  side panel   satin  straps on thigh.
Comes with a very  long sheer black train shoulder drape and bodice jewels
Gown can be worn in many ways!!

MLC Nemesis 2 Bad Black - non mesh gown
MLC Nemesis Bad Black -Non mesh gown
(copy/resizer mod/no transfer)
 Pieces included:

Nemesis LONG Black Train
Nemesis Arm  embellishment
Nemesis Bottom
Nemesis Center Skirt (ADD ME)
Nemesis Chest embellishment
Nemesis Front Trim
Nemesis Shoulder Drape
Nemesis skirt  left leg
Nemesis Top

Mohna Lisa Couture Mother's Day Gifts!


Not one but THREE Gifts for your special day...
Mohna Lisa and Vintage Jewels Thanks you .

MLC Velvet and Black Lace Robe hers

MLC Ugg Boots with Diamond

And from Vintage Jewels !!

VJ  Nugget Gold  set

RKThings Crystal Owner and Designer  of Vintage Jewels

Mohna Lisa Couture -TRPH4

The Runway Perfect Hunt 4

Ladies  Time to put on your hunting shoes!
Mohna Lisa Couture is participating in The Runway Perfect Hunt 4 Beginning May 1st  through 31st 2013

Hunt item  5L  MLC Luna Black was for sale in store at 299L
this outfit is 2 in 1 you can wear with the pants or mini skirt!

Hint: Dana knows the secret of the Day!

MLC Luna Black