Saturday, December 24, 2011

Paris by Sunset

Hello again, fashionistas!

Today I present to you a positively breath taking new release by Mohna Lisa Couture. Embodying the brilliant Parisian sunsets, this gorgeous gown bursts with hues of glittering gold and warm pink and blue tones, marrying together in a flawless compilation. The bodice delves into the cleavage, leaving bare a portion of the stomach, exuding the delicate 'sex-appeal', still keeping classiness in mind. Rich golden flowers are embellished into the semi-sheer fabric, tapering off into a bronze skirt, trimmed with rose tones and billowing from behind you as you walk. Pick up this awe-striking piece at Mohna Lisa Couture as shown by Ms. France, Lauren Mureaux,and make sure to check out the second variation of this gown, Paris by Midnight, now in stores!

Store Landmark:

Till next time my loves,

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Bella Donna Mesh Gowns

Heya beauties!

This week we have a gorgeous new release for you all - Bella Donna by Mohna Lisa Couture. Enriched with the finest silver beads, this evening gown screams Panache, hugging each and every feminine curve. A sexy dip near the cleavage adds to the sex appeal, accenting the long cut along the upper thigh, rich bow embellished into the fabric. Included are simply beautiful opera gloves, topping off this million-dollar look.

This dress is for Mesh Viewers only. Don't forget to try the Demo for size in fit before you purchase!

Check out these jaw-dropping colors:






You can pick these bangin' gowns up left of the stair case in the gowns section.

Happy Holidays!

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Beautiful Ladies of Second Life

Helloo ladies!

There are only 6 days left until the deadline to enter the Ms.Mohna Lisa Couture 2012 Contest. Dont leave it to the last minute to style and pose your favorite MLC Gown and show the entire Secondlife community how stunning you are!

is proud to present
★(`'·.¸ ❤ ¸.·'´)★
Ms. Mohna Lisa Couture 2012
★(`'·.¸ ❤¸.·'´)★

Whether you just need a little extra cash, are an aspiring model, or you just know you look hot, this is the event for you.

This photo contest will be judged by a panel of pre-selected judges.
Please note: This is NOT a popularity contest.

The Prizes:
winner- Ms. MLC,
1st Prize
★ L$20,000
★ A stunning new design named after you.
★ 4 MLC new releases during reign.
★ Photo spread for popular SL magazines
★ Photo displayed on flicker, Moolto, Blog
★ 1 fatpack of Mary Jane Shoes
2nd Prize
★ L$5,000
★1 free MLC outfits of your choice.
3rd Prize
★ L$2,000
★ 1 free MLC outfits of your choice.
Winner & their entries will be featured in the following:

MLC Moolto group -
SL Magazines first pages spread, photo displayed in-store, notices

How to enter Ms. Mohna Lisa Couture:

STEP 1: Join the MLC update group. You can copy/paste the following link into open chat, click on the link and join, or you can visit the mainstore, 􀀀 and join via the group inviter when you arrive or upstairs to your right near the VIP room. (be sure to pick up the free gifts)
Mohna Lisa Couture group link : secondlife:///app/group/0baf93d4-7979-d66e-2a7d-09ea881e18a1/about

STEP 2: Choose your Mohna Lisa Couture outfit.
This can be any MLC outfit/dress that is currently up for sale in the store or one that you already own or are given as a gift or you buy yourself.

STEP 3: Take a full length photo/snapshot at any location on any theme you like in your MLC design, must be at least 1024 x 1024 and no larger than 2048 x 2048 resolution. Photo MUST be full permissions.

STEP 4: Rename the photo: Ms. MLC 2012 Entry - (your name)

STEP 5: Put the renamed, full permission photo on a notecard named MS.MLC 2012 - (your name) and drop the notecard into the Red contest mailbox situated in the main store near the main entrance, infront of the Adboard.
You will then receive an IM which will act as a receipt for your entry from Cara Vespucciano. This may take a few days, so please be patient.


Finalists will be announced on Saturday, January 7 2012 by way of group notice and also on the MLC flicker and blog.

The finalists are expected to attend the final judging. The final judging will be based on the finalists wearing the same outfit as in the photo. Final Judging for Ms MLC will be conducted separately.

Final Judging and announcement of 1st, 2nd & 3rd place winners for...

Ms. Mohna Lisa Couture: Sunday, January 15 2012 at the Patch Thibaud Auditorium. Time TBA.

Entries viewable on the Mohna Lisa Couture flicker :

Ms. Mohna Lisa Couture 2012 :

1. You must be wearing a Mohna Lisa Couture outfit.
2. You may only submit 1 photograph per person, total. Once submitted and accepted by MLC you may not change your photo.
No alts or entering
3. Photographers may sign photos done for clients for this contest with their name or logo, however any logos/signatures must be:
a.) Small, not attracting attention or taking away from the photo
b.) Must be in the bottom right hand corner of contestant's photo.
Example: 􀀃
4. No nudity in your entry photograph, no leads, links, comments or picks of an adult or inappropriate nature in your profile.
5. The size of the photographs should be no smaller than 1024x1024 and no larger than 2048 pixels.
6. Mohna Lisa Couture reserves the right to disqualify if the rules mentioned are not respected.
7. Group freebies and outfits from the VIP ROOM are strictly not allowed for contest entries.
8. Staff members of Mohna Lisa Couture and Mary Jane Shoes may not enter.
9. Entries close Dec 18th 2011

1.) Attend major MLC events during reign, unless RL circumstances prevent.
2.) Blog MLC outfits on blog (if you have a blog)
3.) Put Mohna Lisa Couture in your picks
4.) In the about section of your profile, include that you are Mr/Ms. MLC 2012
5.) Be available for interviews, photo opps, and more as needed.
6.) Open one runway show for Mohna Lisa Couture