Friday, February 20, 2015

Mohna Lisa Couture - World Tour Hunt 2015

Mohna Lisa Couture  is participating in the ...

World Tour 2015 Grid wide Hunt Event

Australia Path

From:  Feb 21 - March 31, 2015

Cost:  1L each item

Look for: Globe

Ladies Hint :
G'day Ladies take a walk about  to find the  globe  near a small spring!

Men's  Hint :
G'day Blokes you will find your globe  down under a Silver Medallion

Friday, February 13, 2015

Mohna Lisa Couture Erotica Valentina!


Phew! just finished it in time... however it means you will get the latest, sexiest, glamorous gown for that special evening!!

YES, Erotica is back, this time I have taken inspiration from the latest runway look, blended it with a gorgeous sheer layer of the glamorous well known MLC shimmer, all over a really hot hot body...

Introducing Erotica Valentina!

7 skin tones with HUD, and two gown colors to chose from, comes with a beautiful sheer Lace collar embellishment and matching flexi skirt..... HOT!!

Gentlemen  this would be  a great gift for your lady !

Come in to try a demo

Erotica Valentina - Red

Erotica Valentina - Black 


MLC Erotica Valentina gowns Folder Contents

Black or Red

Erotica Valentina Alpha
Erotica Valentina  Center Skirt
Erotica Valentina Collar L
Erotica Valentina Collar M
Erotica Valentina Collar S
Erotica Valentina  Collar XS
Erotica Valentina  Gown L
Erotica Valentina  Gown  M
Erotica Valentina  Gown  S
Erotica Valentina  Gown XS
Erotica Valentina  Gown XXS
Erotica Valentina  Skin Color Hud (Wear me )

Important Information note card

Monday, February 9, 2015

Mohna Lisa Couture Valentine Glittery Lace Lingerie group gift!

Valentines Gifts OUT NOW

Ladies something  Red, Lacy and Glittery! ... a very sexy  Valentine's MLC Glittery Lace  Bra and Panties Lingerie  set!  Men, don't forget our great gifting options and gift cards available at MLC!!

MLC Group only Gift

MLC Group Gift Glittery Lace Lingerie

 free valentines gift at Asher Lily (available to all!)

AmoreMio  Gold Blue Fascinator Gift


AND NEW RELEASES FOR ASHER LILY !! Located on ground floor... Luscious shoes with matching jeweled accessories... Perfect present for Valentines day..

AmoreMio Silver Pink

AmoreMio Pink Silver

AmoreMio Gold Pink

AmoreMio Pink Gold

AmoreMio Blue Gold

AmoreMio Blue Silver

AmoreMio Gold Blue

AmoreMio Silver Blue

AmoreMio Black Blue Shoes

AmoreMio Black Pink Shoes

AmoreMio Blue Gold Shoes

AmoreMio Gold Pink Shoes

AmoreMio Silver Blue Shoes

AmoreMio Silver Pink Shoes