Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Mohna Lisa Couture Zara and Zane Zombie's




Last year we had the popular  gruesome twosome those evil dolls - Chucky and Bride of Chucky  This year Mohna is back with his warped love of scary cool with the living evil dead.!!
 Introducing Zara the Zexy Zombie, and Zane the Zany dead Creep, full mesh rigged avatars  as  Halloween gifts 1L each !!! 
Simply wear folder and be creepy!!, perfect for that party, Halloween event, or simply to piss people off.. enjoy!!

MLC Zara the Zombie



MLC Zane the Zombie

MLC Zara the Zombie  contents folder:
Unpack script
Zara Hair
Zara Information note card
Zara Mesh Body
Zara Shape
Zombie Alpha
MLC Zane the Zombie contents folder :

Unpack script
Zane information note card
Zane mesh Body

Zane  Shape
Zombie Alpha

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Mohna Lisa Couture Hour Glass Elegance Boudoir series mesh gowns

New Release at Mohna Lisa Couture!!!

Ladies...   New Release ...Hour Glass  Elegance Boudoir  mesh gowns!

Due to popular demand, we have extended the color selection of the Hour Glass Elegance gowns, to include a sumptuous Boudoir Series.
Glam up with a Sparkling curve hugging gown, that allows for large breast sizes and those oh so curvy hips.. The Boudoir Series mesh gowns come in 5 fabulous strong,  two - tone colors.

MLC Hour Glass Elegance Boudoir  - Noir

MLC Hour Glass Elegance Boudoir - Rouge
MLC Hour Glass Elegance Boudoir - Blue
MLC Hour Glass Elegance Boudoir - Rose

MLC Hour Glass Elegance Boudoir - Teal

Come in and see it on our Mannequin and Models, and try a demo!! All colors included in the
 Demo Pack for your convenience.
MLC Hour Glass Elegance Boudoir series  Mesh gowns Folder  Contents :

Hour Glass Elegance  Alpha
Hour Glass Elegance  Bow
Hour Glass Elegance Chest Jewel
Hour Glass Elegance  Earring Left
Hour Glass Elegance  Earring Right
Hour Glass Elegance Gown Size XXS
Hour Glass Elegance  Left Leg
Hour Glass Elegance Left Skirt  Upper
Hour Glass  Elegance Nipple Blur ( Color to match your  skin)
Hour Glass  Elegance Rigged Shoulder Drape
Hour Glass  Elegance  Side jewels
Hour Glass  Elegance  Size L
Hour Glass  Elegance  Size M
Hour Glass  Elegance  Size S
Hour Glass  Elegance  Size  XS
Hour Glass Elegance  skirt right leg
Hour Glass Elegance  skirt  right  leg Upper
Hour Glass  Elegance  Stomach Jewel

Friday, October 11, 2013

Mohna Lisa Couture Autumn Breeze mesh gowns!

New Release at Mohna Lisa Couture!

Ladies...   New Release - Autumn Breeze.. !

New for the Fall,
Seductive as it is classical, this oh so soft look, boasts a sexy bare midriff top, hugged by a transparent and lace overlay with sleeve on the right side.
This unique style is finished with a body hugging skirt with very soft flexi's and jewel/flower adornments..

Several ways it can be worn, try it with the optional adornments, or add your touch with the exotic range of Jewelry by Vintage Jewelry located next to the bridal section of the store.

Come in and see it on our Mannequin and Models, and don't forget to try a demo!

MLC Autumn Breeze - White
MLC Autumn Breeze - Muted Pink
MLC Autumn Breeze- Black
MLC Autumn Breeze- Black & White

Folder contents for MLC Autumn Breeze mesh gowns

Autumn Breeze  Alpha
Autumn Breeze Back jewel
Autumn Breeze front jewel
Autumn Breeze  L
Autumn Breeze Left hip garnish
Autumn Breeze M
Autumn Breeze Nipple Blur ( Color to match your skin)
Autumn Breeze S
Autumn Breeze Side Skirt
Autumn Breeze Skirt left
Autumn Breeze Skirt  Right
Autumn Breeze  XS