Monday, December 31, 2012

Mohna Lisa Couture VJ Empress Kay Fairey gown

New MLC release!

Happy New Years !!
 and Mohna has been holding this dress for release just in time for New Years Eve.!
VJ Empress gown Kay Fairey gown made for the Miss Virual World  2013 finals  as seen and worn by the beautiful host  Kay Fairey !
A stunning beautiful golden shimmery gown  with a sheer corset bodice bejeweled with empress gems  and  flowing part mesh drape,   MLC  Kay Gown in Gold  has 2 skirt options glittery and non glittery, and comes with the specially designed jewels, earrings, necklace, bracelet, ring, front and rear bodice jeweled adornments .. simply stunning, simply elegant, and simply a knockout for that event.

Silver version instore  also!

MLC VJ Empress Kay Fairey gold


MLC VJ Empress Kay Fairey gown -Silver

*Mesh  Viewer required



Thursday, December 20, 2012

Mohna Lisa Couture 2 Christmas gowns!

We at Mohna Lisa Couture  thank you our loyal customers, and wish you and your loved ones a very merry Xmas.
Showing our thanks with a very special offer of two Xmas Gowns, with a touch of glitter, for only 100L each... Limited time... Group Members only!

MLC Xmas mesh gown - Grun



MLC Xmas mesh gown - Rot


*Mesh viewer required
Please try a free demo!



Happy Holidays!


Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Mohna Lisa Couture Tatiana Gowns!

Introducing our first holiday season release.. TATIANA

How gorgeous is this top to bottom glittery gown.. having trouble finding that perfect gown for the the Holiday parties? then come in and try the Tatiana demos.... comes  in 7 sumptuous YUMMY colors..
All colors  with Jeweled drapes and earrings and glittery side flexi skirts!   Special Holiday  price!.

Mesh Viewer Required*

Tatiana Black

Tatiana Black and White

Tatiana Hot Red

Tatiana Ice Blue

Tatiana Princess Pink

Tatiana Teal

Tatiana White

Please try Mesh Demo !

Tatiana White Demo

Can't decide which color?.. then get them all at a Xmas special   of 7 gowns for the price of only  5.. !

MLC Tatiana Fat pack 7-colors



Friday, November 30, 2012

Mohna Lisa Couture begins 2012 Holiday Shopping season

Ladies and gents , the holiday season HAS STARTED here at Mohna Lisa Couture !!
With a ton of free gifts, group specials on new releases, Christmas gifts and more!!
We start December by announcing that  we are  participating in 3 hunts this month! With impressive free gifts .. Beginning Sat. Dec. 1st

POE5 grid wide hunt beginning
Dec. 1st 2012 to Jan. 6th 2013

Hint: Turn left and ask the golden couple!

POE5 Gift MLC Love is Dotty


Continuation of the Womanstufff hunt 

Dec. 1st 2012 to  Jan 2nd 2013

The perfect  accessory for MLC Lana  dress (previous gift still available)


 Hint: Look past the shoes !



Previous Womanstuff hunt item
Hint: Its not in the dragon with the flagon, but in the urn with the fern !


MLC Lana Dress


Last but not least  The  Candy Cane 4 hunt

beginning Dec.1st 2012 to Dec. 24th 2012

Hint: Go past the fountain, and follow the candy cane path!


MLC Xmas  His and Hers mesh Bathrobes


Happy Holidays  more MLC gifts to come !


Friday, November 16, 2012

Mohna Lisa Couture Sirius

New release MLC Sirius

Just Arrived for  Gents!
MLC  Sirius , A unique blend of Vintage, with a touch of Goth, Steam punk.. .. This outfit reflects the strength, and Elegance of  old world manor class.. with a fashionable modern twist..
A ton of options, a ton of looks for any formal occasion.

MLC Sirius master


MLC Sirius



A choice of two Formal ties Black and white
A choice of two Silk Scarves with detailed Jeweled pin
Suit comes with separate pants, jacket and vest
Gloves and Top Hat
Elegant fur lined cloak with detailed Jeweled pin
Shoes and socks
Steam punk styled shades with jewels
Sculpt Jacket Bottom
All attachments and pants MOD/COPY
Shoes (Re sizer)

Friday, November 2, 2012

Mohna Lisa Couture Womanstuff Hunt

Mohna Lisa Couture Particiapating in the Womanstuff Hunt

Womenstuff Hunt begins  Nov. 2 2012 to Jan. 2 2013
thats right a 2 month hunt !

Hint: Its not in the dragon with the flagon, but in the urn with the fern !

MLC Lana

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Mohna Lisa Couture - Dirty little secrets 3

MLC participating in  The Dirty Litte Secret 3 hunt

The Dirty Little Secrets 3 Hunt  starts Oct. 25th and closes Nov. 25th

Hint:  To the far reaches of the store, lies soft white couches, and a table close to the Ven that domes.

MLC Ladies  Dirty Little Secret item
MLC Gent's Dirty Little Secret item

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Mohna Lisa Couture Nemesis

MLC  Nemesis gown New Release!

Ladies, you will definitely be the NEMESIS of all.... in that ball room or function.... with all eyes on YOU in this gown!
We bring to you that MLC famous sparkle over a golden array of gold silk and molten gold adorned  with shimmering accents, sculpt jewels and a modifiable gold mesh bra.

 *Fits all shapes and sizes,No alphas , No adjustment to shape are required.

MLC Nemesis - Gold

 Included with this outfit are the  Nemesis make up layers of matching eyeshadow and lipstick....   Gown can  be worn in many ways..... BRING OUT THE NEMESIS in you.. !!

Model - Lovis Timeless, MLC Super Elite




Mohna Lisa Couture Halloween gifts

MLC Halloween gifts!

Happy Halloween Ladies and Gents !..
Its that time of year again , and Mohna has the sick killer duo  back out as a free gift to spice up that Halloween event.,
Welcome back Chucky  and bride of Chucky,! updated versions.   Have a ton of fun, turning yourself into these killer dolls, now with shoes, a creepy head spinning animation and for the ladies Bride of Chucky now has a choice of two outfits, her wretched bridal gown...   and a mesh skirt, for a little bit more of a sophisticated killing look.....
A ton of SICK ... fun..
Available NOW in the VIP section of the store.

MLC Chucky new updated version


 MLC Bride of Chucky New updated version

Utube link... sent by customers last year.. a MUST SEE!

The Runway Hunt 3

* Reminder The Runway Hunt 3 ends soon Oct 31st

 * Ladies Don't forget  the Runway 3 hunt is still going on  .....this hunt item awaits you as part of the runway hunt we have on this month. This gorgeous sexy outfit valued normally at 350L, now free!!

HINT!! "Crystal Chandeliers Provides soft lighting for run ways"


Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Mohna Lisa Couture Armani Wildflower

New Release!

Inspired from Haute Couture Armani Look this gown was created for the Best Of Second Life show
"The Dream Collection" held Sept. 23rd 2012

Designers were asked to create a design look from one of their favorite designers in RL !!
MLC Armani Wildflower gown a body hugging golden pattern design with halter style top and sweeping mermaid lower skirts with a sheer lavender underskirt peeking out!
MLC Armani Wildflower comes with the jewelery specifically made for this dress by Mohna Lisa .
A jeweled collar necklace, unique earrings, bracelets and a multi-gemmed monocle to complete the set.

Mohna Lisa Couture Armani Wildflower

Modeled by: StarliteStarbrite Constellation, MLC GM

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Mohna Lisa Couture Vogue Shorts Set

2 - New releases Mohna Lisa Couture MLC Vogue Shorts set

MLC Vogue Shorts set - Plaid

Now you can have that high fashion  look with MLC Vogue Shorts Set.
Inspired by the  latest look in RL fashion Week, it comes with a  pastel plaid collar midriff top  matching high cut shorts with sheer side  panel
Mohna has added matching Hat,   plaid leggings and heels! you can wear this outfit with or without
alpha layer , flirty  sexy and elegant ........

MLC Vogue Shorts set - Black Knit

Well ladies he didn't stop there!
Mohna  also created MLC Vogue Black Knit shorts set. Highlighted with sheer dotted panels on the sides of shorts. This one comes with 2 versions of leggings  a black knit and a sheer  black dotted one.  Also to round off that elegant in- vogue look are matching heels and the latest look in Jewelry - Rich  Ebony & Gold earrings stunning Diamond bracelet and if that wasn't enough he spoiled us with Fabulous Zebra handbag with diamond and gold accents!!

Jewelry, handbag , heels and hat all included

* Mesh viewer required ( can also be worn with out the alpha top and shorts.)

Modeled by: Lovis Timeless  MLC Super Elite

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Mohna Lisa Couture Erotica Black Widow!

MLC New Release - Erotica Black Widow

MLC Erotica Black Widow

Ladies, got a lil femme fatale in you ?
Then you will love this new release Erotica Black Widow.
Based on the latest in mesh and skin hud, as the current much loved Erotica gown you will LOVE this new powerful erotic but exquisite  look!!
This gown shimmers all over with  sensual  provocacitive  sheer sides  with black dots. Black Widow comes with 2 collars , one with a brooch, matching earrings and a Facinator. Mix and match this look as you like. 
Show your inner  femme fatale in the MLC Erotica Black Widow!

Come in and try the MLC Erotica  Black Widow Demo - In Store Only

* Mesh viewer required
Modeled by: Kera Hexicola  Ms MLC 2012

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Mohna Lisa Couture Yolanda gowns

 New Release - Five  MLC Yolanda gowns

Ladies.   Five more gowns MLC Yolanda gown comes with the delicate shoulder shrug and jeweled clasp . Lovely patterned satin gown with full length billowing skirts and satin ribbon-wrapped, sheer ballroom gloves to finish the look!
MLC Yolanda gowns comes in four great shades, and one with Mohna Lisa's signature shimmer fabric for that very special occasion!

MLC Yolanda Gown -Silvered Pink

Modeled by: Calista Ella MLC Super Elite

MLC Yolanda Gown -Pewtered Blue

Modeled by: Calista Ella MLC Super Elite

MLC Yolanda Gown - Spilled Wine

Modeled by: Calista Ella MLC Super Elite

MLC Yolanda Gown - Black

Modeled by: Calista Ella  MLC Super Elite

MLC Yolanda Gown - Glittery Black

Modeled by: StarliteStarbrite Constellation MLC GM

Friday, August 17, 2012

Mohna Lisa Couture Julia Gown's

MLC Julia Gowns  6 Fabulous new shades!

Sophisticated elegance MLC Julia gown cocktail length has an enticing bodice with a mesh inner skirt lining  to hug  your own natural shape and  curves with no ALPHA and No need for Shape Change!

Beautiful SHINY Silk patterned fabric purposely made to reflect the 1950's styling. Can be worn with or without the  flexi skirts in six gorgeous new shades!

MLC Julia Bronze

MLC Julia Pewtered Dark Rose

MLC Juila Spilled Wine

MLC Julia Pewtered Blue

MLC Julia Green

MLC Julia Pewtered Green

All colors modeled by: Vischonette Constantine MLC Super Elite

Mohna Lisa Couture Barely There Bridal Gown

MLC Barely There Bridal

Ladies introducing  MLC Barely There Bridal.
A Sensual gown, Barely There has just enough lace to be barely legal, and still keeping the mystery hidden in true Mohna Lisa style with hip, bodice and shoulder back embellishments! 

With an innovative transparent mesh lace inner skirt

Modeled by: Calista Ella MLC Super Elite

MLC Barely There Bridal 

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Mohna Lisa Couture New Bridal additions!

Mohna Lisa Couture Bridal Gowns

Ladies here come the latest MLC Bridal gowns!!!
1..........2.......3 !

MLC Paris by Powder Snow Bridal

MLC Paris Powder Snow Bridal gown One of the most sought after design at Mohna Lisa Couture is now Bridal gown!

Modeled by: Lauren Mureaux: MLC Super Elite

MLC Fallen Angel Bridal

MLC Fallen Angel Black Bridal gown many requests have been made for a Bridal gown in Black!

Modeled by: Lauren Mureaux: MLC Super Elite

MLC Luminous Cloud Bridal

MLC Luminous Cloud Bridal gown has lovely billowing skirts gracefully cascading reminiscent of the heavenly clouds

Selene Snowpaw MLC Top Model