Thursday, August 30, 2012

Mohna Lisa Couture Erotica Black Widow!

MLC New Release - Erotica Black Widow

MLC Erotica Black Widow

Ladies, got a lil femme fatale in you ?
Then you will love this new release Erotica Black Widow.
Based on the latest in mesh and skin hud, as the current much loved Erotica gown you will LOVE this new powerful erotic but exquisite  look!!
This gown shimmers all over with  sensual  provocacitive  sheer sides  with black dots. Black Widow comes with 2 collars , one with a brooch, matching earrings and a Facinator. Mix and match this look as you like. 
Show your inner  femme fatale in the MLC Erotica Black Widow!

Come in and try the MLC Erotica  Black Widow Demo - In Store Only

* Mesh viewer required
Modeled by: Kera Hexicola  Ms MLC 2012

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Mohna Lisa Couture Yolanda gowns

 New Release - Five  MLC Yolanda gowns

Ladies.   Five more gowns MLC Yolanda gown comes with the delicate shoulder shrug and jeweled clasp . Lovely patterned satin gown with full length billowing skirts and satin ribbon-wrapped, sheer ballroom gloves to finish the look!
MLC Yolanda gowns comes in four great shades, and one with Mohna Lisa's signature shimmer fabric for that very special occasion!

MLC Yolanda Gown -Silvered Pink

Modeled by: Calista Ella MLC Super Elite

MLC Yolanda Gown -Pewtered Blue

Modeled by: Calista Ella MLC Super Elite

MLC Yolanda Gown - Spilled Wine

Modeled by: Calista Ella MLC Super Elite

MLC Yolanda Gown - Black

Modeled by: Calista Ella  MLC Super Elite

MLC Yolanda Gown - Glittery Black

Modeled by: StarliteStarbrite Constellation MLC GM

Friday, August 17, 2012

Mohna Lisa Couture Julia Gown's

MLC Julia Gowns  6 Fabulous new shades!

Sophisticated elegance MLC Julia gown cocktail length has an enticing bodice with a mesh inner skirt lining  to hug  your own natural shape and  curves with no ALPHA and No need for Shape Change!

Beautiful SHINY Silk patterned fabric purposely made to reflect the 1950's styling. Can be worn with or without the  flexi skirts in six gorgeous new shades!

MLC Julia Bronze

MLC Julia Pewtered Dark Rose

MLC Juila Spilled Wine

MLC Julia Pewtered Blue

MLC Julia Green

MLC Julia Pewtered Green

All colors modeled by: Vischonette Constantine MLC Super Elite

Mohna Lisa Couture Barely There Bridal Gown

MLC Barely There Bridal

Ladies introducing  MLC Barely There Bridal.
A Sensual gown, Barely There has just enough lace to be barely legal, and still keeping the mystery hidden in true Mohna Lisa style with hip, bodice and shoulder back embellishments! 

With an innovative transparent mesh lace inner skirt

Modeled by: Calista Ella MLC Super Elite

MLC Barely There Bridal 

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Mohna Lisa Couture New Bridal additions!

Mohna Lisa Couture Bridal Gowns

Ladies here come the latest MLC Bridal gowns!!!
1..........2.......3 !

MLC Paris by Powder Snow Bridal

MLC Paris Powder Snow Bridal gown One of the most sought after design at Mohna Lisa Couture is now Bridal gown!

Modeled by: Lauren Mureaux: MLC Super Elite

MLC Fallen Angel Bridal

MLC Fallen Angel Black Bridal gown many requests have been made for a Bridal gown in Black!

Modeled by: Lauren Mureaux: MLC Super Elite

MLC Luminous Cloud Bridal

MLC Luminous Cloud Bridal gown has lovely billowing skirts gracefully cascading reminiscent of the heavenly clouds

Selene Snowpaw MLC Top Model

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Mohna Lisa Couture Barely There Gown

Mohna Lisa  Couture  New release!

MLC Barely There - Champagne

MLC Barely There - Black

MLC Barely There- Hot Red

MLC Barely There - Innocent White


Model StarliteStarbrite Constellation