Saturday, April 30, 2011

Oooh la la Laurent

Released Thursday, April 14 2011


Introducing, Laurent....

Laurent - Military Black
Transferrable - Modify/Resizer

Following in the Valentino Suit's steps comes another trendy military style tuxedo in black or gold, from Mohna Lisa Couture; Laurent. Make women's jaws drop this time as you stride past in the latest military wear, making you desirable and irresistible to all in sight.

Laurent - Military Gold
Transferrable - Modify/Resizer

Laurent comes with Maverick boots and is transferrable, making it an ideal gift for that handsome man in your life.

Model: Mohna Lisa

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Oh Silvia, how soft and silky you are...

Released Saturday, April 9 2011

Luscious ladies,

This is Silvia, and she's here to make you look amazingly gorgeous.

Silvia Silk - Dusk

Silk that feels just as soft and smooth on your skin as the way it moves with your body is a feeling like no other.

From the silk skirt draped against your legs and flowing with your every move to the crushed silk, ribbons and hints of sparkle, this dress is a show stopper and jaw dropper.

Silvia has just the right amount of elegance and sensual appeal, perfect for an evening or night out, from formal parties to that special date, Silvia will take you there.

Available also in..

Silvia Silk - Gold


Silvia Silk - Black

Model: Dolce Enderfield

Just something about a man in uniform.... - Valentino

Released Thursday, March 31 2011

Gentlemen! Meet Valentino...a new suit that's ready to give you a military makeover.

Valentino Military Black

Women love a man in uniform, and now, with Mohna Lisa Couture's military style suit, Valentino, they'll love you too. With a few touches of a trendy uniform appeal, masculinity and formality, Valentino will serve you straight into the center of a woman's attention.

Valentino comes in Black, as pictured above and also in...

Valentino Military Blue


Valentino Military Grey

all with new Maverick boots, to have you looking handsome day or night. Choose the suit with collar, cravat, matching pants and eye catching vintage tails for those more formal affairs.

All 3 colors are transferrable, making them a great gift idea for that perfect man.


Want to go out in something more casual but still with that elegant uniform flair?

Then don't pass up the casual version of Valentino that comes also in black, blue and grey and complete with the plain jacket style, blue jeans and Maverick boots.

Valentino Jacket and Jeans - Casual
Available in Black, Blue and Grey, sold separately
Valentino Jacket and Jeans casual
photographed & modeled by: Burly Tigerpaw

Valentino Military Tuxedo Model: Mohna Lisa

Monday, April 25, 2011

Step into the light with Dark Jewel

Originally released: Thursday, December 30 2010

The name itself, Dark Jewel, seemed to fit this dress well from the get go, as it was released back at the end of December but was never given a proper introduction. I'm bringing it out of the dark now because I think its a fabulous dress that deserves its place, at least on this blog!

Introducing Dark Jewel....

Dark Jewel is a gem of a dress that follows in similar suit as the Diamond Black Tri Dress and Contessa dei Sogni, while it creates and maintains its own unique look and style. While this dress is probably not ideal for a formal affair at the Grand Palace, it does make a very sexy yet elegant evening gown for that special date out dancing or even a dress to wear during the day.

Dark Jewel will cover its wearer in all the right areas, but leaving much exposed and even more desired by others. It proves that sometimes, less is more, and you don't always have to wear a lot to look your best.

Dark Jewel, by Mohna Lisa Couture
Less is more.

Model: Mohna Lisa