Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Alexandra 2 Special Edition - Red

Welcome back, fashionistas! I hope all of you have been enjoying the new years! With 2012, comes a fabulous celebration gown that will surely make you the center of any panache sky-high gala. Mohna Lisa Couture introduces to you a simply gorgeous gown titled, "Alexandre 2 Special Edition - Red." With rich crimson fabric, fitting snugly to that perfect shape of yours, this attracts the eye of any handsome suitor from afar. The bodice trimmed with the finest gold, offsets the semi-ruched silk, offering a deep v-cut into the cleavage for that daring lady. We all know it's a lot more fun on the wild side! Expertly crafted arm-length gloves add to the sexy number, a gorgeous emblem embellished into the fabric, complimentary of the matching design along the train skirt. Sheer chiffon sits on the waist line before exploding behind you, glitter amplifying the fabric as it tops the gorgeous ensemble, accenting of a delicious cut up the left leg, grazing the thigh. For any fashion dare devil, like me, this is a must-have in your inventory by Mohna Lisa Couture!

You can pick this rockin' piece up in the Gowns Section left of the stair case.

Store Landmark: http://slurl.com/secondlife/GOWNS/97/120/761

Happy holidays, girls xoxo