Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Smart Casual arrives at Mohna Lisa Couture with the Yacht Club!

Released Tuesday, June 14 2011

Gentlemen! Let me introduce you to the Yacht Club, where smart casual resides at Mohna Lisa Couture...

Presenting the Yacht Club Suits by Mohna Lisa.

Yacht Club Suit - Black
No Transfer

Looking for a smart casual suit that also passes as formal? The Yacht Club Suits are the perfect choice then, coming in black, rust red and navy.

Yacht Club Suit - Navy
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Ideal for parties or even a date, on land or that yacht of yours, these suits provide you with that sophisicated, smart look with the collar and tie, or for a more relaxed look, leave the collar and tie off. Either way, you'll be a great catch for any woman.

Yacht Club Suit - Rust Red
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The Yacht Club Suits come with the jacket and pants, 2 collars (one with a tie, one without), matching socks and detailed shoes.

and the Yacht Club Polo outfits...

Yacht Club Polo Outfit - Black
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A man needs to look his best when manning his yacht or for that party or just to impress that special lady and these Polo Outfits are just what he needs. You have your choice of blue, green, charcoal or wine colored shirts that come with tan cuffed pants, Polo shirt with prim collar and sharp looking deck shoes.

Model : Mohna Lisa