Friday, July 1, 2011

The Queen has arrived....

Released: Thursday, June 30 2011

Presenting her Majesty, the Queen, in Queens Park

Queens Park - Black
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If you've ever wanted to look or feel like a Queen, here is your opportunity. Presenting the Queens Park dresses, made from the finest of silks and beautifully adorned with detailed lace finishes.
Go for the sexy with royal class look with the off the shoulder sleeves, made solely out of lace, as is the optional shawl included that wraps perfectly around your shoulders, adding a royal spark to the look.

Queen's Park - Red
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This is a truly regal gown by Mohna Lisa who drew it's inspiration from the image of a 17th century Queen walking in her royal garden with her long, silk, opulent dress; smelling her roses while her long train brushed past the hedges.

Queens Park comes in 4 colors: Black (shown above), Red (shown above), Lavender, and Cognac.

Queen's Park - Lavender
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Queen's Park - Cognac
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Model: Lovis Timeless