Sunday, July 28, 2013

Mohna Lisa Couture - Menstuff Hunt 2013

Gents...... The hunt you have been waiting for !

Mohna Lisa Couture is participating in the Huge Menstuff 2013 hunt

 Menstuff hunt for  2013  is called ULTIMATE STUFF !!!
Begins August 2nd 2013 -  Ends September 1st 2013

Looking for:  A Blue Shirt buy 0L

Hint: Near Blacky, there it lies

Menstuff  Hunt  item!
MLC Baggy Crotch Jean mesh outfit

MLC Baggy Crotch Jean outfit Folder Contents:
Bad Boy T (Long)
Bad Boy Underpants Version 2
Baggy Crotch Alpha
Baggy Crotch -Male M
Baggy Crotch - Male S
Baggy Crotch - Male  L
Hiking boot Left
Hiking boot Right
Hiking boots Shoe Alpha
1 Note card  Mesh Resizing Instructions

Mohna Lisa Couture - Skull-N- Bones 3 Hunt


Yo Ho Ho!...  Ahoy, me Hearties! "tis a Pirate's life for me!"

 Mohna Lisa Couture is  Participating in the  Skull -n-Bones : The Pirate Hunt 3
 Pillaging from:  Aug 1 - Aug 31, 2013

Cost:  1L
Look for: a small treasure chest

Hint :   Arrrgghhh mateys  search the high seas, for the puss in glasses, and there the treasure ye will find!

 Skull-n-Bones 3 Hunt Item for me Beauty's
MLC Mesh Bikini - Paisley White

Skull- n- Bones 3 hunt item  for all ye Buccaneer's
MLC Hiking Boots Mesh


MLC Hiking Boots Mesh - Brown Contents:

Hiking boot Left
Hiking Boot Right
Hiking Boots Shoe Alpha

1 note card  Mesh Resizing  Instructions

MLC Bikini mesh  White  Paisley Folder Contents:

Bikini Eye patch white
Bikini Bottom L
Bikini Bottom M
Bikini Bottom M Curvy
Bikini Bottom  Small
Bikini Bottom Small Curvy
Bikini Bottom  XS
Bikini Bottom XXS
Bikini Modesty panties
Bikini Top Large
Bikini Top Medium
Bikini Top  Medium Curvy
Bikini Top  Small
Bikini Top  Small Curvy
Bikini Top  XS
Bikini Top  XXS

Friday, July 26, 2013

Mohna Lisa Couture Hour Glass Elegance mesh gown

New Release!

Ladies, if you love your curves, then this  stunning gown is for  you !!

Mohna Lisa Couture Hour Glass Elegance mesh gown accents all your  curves, allowing for large breast sizes with a slim waist line... mmmmm.. all wrapped up  in a shimmering body hugging gown ! bejeweled adornments and  rigged mesh  Shoulder drape,  the pack includes a bow drape, Centre Jewel, waist jewel, earrings, and 4 optional flexi skirts.. come in store to try a demo !!

MLC Hour Glass Elegance Lace & White

MLC Hour Glass Elegance Nude & Lace
MLC Hour Glass Elegance  Velvet Black

MLC Hour Glass Elegance Mesh gown folder contents:

Hour Glass Elegance Alpha
Hour Glass Elegance Bow
Hour Glass Elegance Chest Jewel
Hour Glass Elegance  Earring Left
Hour Glass Elegance Earring Right
Hour Glass Elegance Gown XXS
Hour Glass Elegance Left Leg
Hour Glass Elegance Left Leg  Skirt Upper
Hour Glass Elegance Nipple Blur ( Color to match your skin)
Hour Glass Elegance Rigged  Shoulder Drape
Hour Glass Elegance Side Jewels
Hour Glass Elegance size L
Hour Glass Elegance size M
Hour Glass Elegance size S
Hour Glass Elegance size XS
Hour Glass Elegance skirt right  leg
Hour Glass Elegance skirt right leg Upper
Hour Glass Elegance Stomach Jewel


Friday, July 12, 2013

Mohna Lisa Couture 2 Gorgeous BRIDAL gowns!

MLC New Release!

Its warm!! its Summer!! and tis the season to GET MARRIED !!..
And for you ladies we have just released 2 New Bridal Gowns!
Mohna Lisa Has  created a  beautiful full bridal gown  VJ Empress Bridal  with a big train adorned with satin rose's at the  waist garnish and and a ton of fabric, tulle, satin and glittery fabric all flowing behind.!
Gown comes with  matching Jewelry by Vintage Jewels, including  corset top front and rear jewelery matching gem adornments
2 extraordinary Veils with satin roses   one  as long as the train & one  shorter version

You will truly feel like a Empress in the MLC VJ Empress Bridal gown!!!

MLC VJ Empress Bridal

Designed for and Modeled by our Lovely Radiant Mahogany!

Ladies if you want to totally shimmer at your wedding, then the  MLC Tatiana  Bridal gown  is for you.
Also comes with the jewelry  earrings a jeweled shoulder drape and front bodice drape
2 veils  !!

MLC Tatiana  Bridal

Demos Available!

MLC VJ Empress Bridal   contents:

VJ Empress Alpha full outfit with ankle  shoe alpha
VJ Empress Dress front piece Silver
VJ Empress Necklace Silver
VJ Empress Alpha bottom only
VJ Empress Alpha  full outfit
VJ Empress  Alpha Top only
VJ Empress bracelet Silver
VJ Empress Bridal Train 1
VJ Empress Bridal Train 2
VJ Empress Corset  Top L
VJ Empress Corset Top M
VJ Empress Corset Top S
VJ Empress Corset Top XS
VJ Empress Back  piece Silver
VJ Empress earring L Silver
VJ Empress earring R Silver
VJ Empress Gloves
VJ Empress Gown Bottom  L
VJ Empress Gown Bottom M
VJ Empress Gown Bottom S
VJ Empress Gown  Bottom XS
VJ Empress ring Silver
VJ Empress Rose Rear Garnish
VJ Empress Skirt 3
VJ Empress skirt Left leg
VJ Empress skirt Right leg
VJ Empress Veil 1 Long
VJ Empress Veil  2 Short

MLC Tatiana  Bridal gown contents:
Tatiana Alpha
Tatiana earring Left
Tatiana earring Right
Tatiana  Gown  S
Tatiana  Gown XXS
Tatiana Gown  L
Tatiana  Gown M
Tatiana Gown XS
Tatiana  Left Leg
Tatiana Left Pec Garnish
Tatiana Pelvis
Tatiana  Right Leg
Tatiana  Shoulder Drape
Tatiana  Veil
Tatiana  Veil with .03 glow
Tatiana  with Ankle shoe Alpha

Friday, July 5, 2013

Mohna Lisa Couture Barely There 2 gowns!

Ladies ...New release!

Mohna Lisa has created  Barely There 2 !!
This gown has sensual cut lines down the bodice and on one side, the lace versions come with nipple blur and modesty panties as an option. This lace outfit has been particularly designed to show off all your Natural curves, so soft, so exquisite, it compares to walking in a cloud of lace..  Can be worn a few ways, with a shoulder garnish, a rear drape, and hip drapes..
Mesh skirt Lining and Drape Only
Ladies Please note !! No Shape Adjustment Required, Fits all SHAPES!

*Very Affordable  and Many Colors to select from!
MLC Barely There 2 Red Lace
MLC Barely There 2  Nude Lace
MLC Barely There 2 Nude & Red Lace
MLC Barely There 2 Nude & Pink Lace
MLC Barely There 2 Nude & Blue Lace

MLC Barely There 2  Black Lace
Also Available are a choice of fun non lace colors
MLC Barely There2 Sequin Black
MLC Barely There 2 Nude Silk
MLC Barely There 2 Blue Patterned
MLC Barely There 2  gowns folder contents:

Barely There 2 bottom
Barely There 2  Cuff left
barely There 2  Cuff right
Barely There 2 Drape
Barely There 2  Left Upper hip
Barely There 2   lower skirt Righ leg
Barely There 2   Mesh Inner
Barely There 2  Modesty panties (optional)

Barely There 2 Nipple Blur ( You color to match your skin)
Barely There 2  Skirt Left  Leg
Barely There 2  Stole
Barely There 2  Top
Barely There 2  waist  garnish

* Note 2 extra  optional shirts in contents of the Barely There 2 Sequin Black  and 
   Barely There 2 Blue Patterned .