Q. Does Mohna Lisa do custom work?

A.  Mohna Lisa does not make custom work, inclusive of color changes .

Q.How do I purchase a gift?

A. To  To send a gift please click the gift button on the vendor and follow the menu prompts, please note that if you purchase a gift boxed to transfer directly by you to your recipient, you will receive a box with a script in it, upon transferring to your recipient the item will be delivered to them.

Q. I made a purchase on Marketplace and have not received it what do I do?

A. When you purchase on Marketplace ,
  1. First check your received folder  in recent inventory, or check your objects folder in the recent tab. 
  2. Also Use *MLC* in your main inventory tab to search for the item. 
  3. If the item is still not visible, go back to market place, click on my account and check order history. 
  4. Order history will tell you if it has been delivered or not.  If it shows as "Delivered" try re-logging  to update your inventory, if you still cannot find the item after you reconnect, send a note card  at our general manager a copy of your purchase transaction it will then be verified and the shipment of your purchase will be made to you asap.
Any fraudulent applications will not be honored.
We will contact you asap and  try to resolve within 48 hrs

Q.. How do I edit my mesh gown ( my skin shows through like a rip)

A. To edit mesh if you see tears , edit shape to a lesser number in area you see the tear or skin.  Be sure you are wearing the alpha layer and correct size for your shape.

Q.I cant wear 2 alphas what do I do?

A. If you have a viewer that you can't wear multiple layers, Mohna Lisa has included with all mesh evening gowns, an additional full alpha layer with shoe alpha included so you can wear ankle shoes that require a alpha.

Q. I cant see the shimmer on my gown how can i fix this?

A, To see shimmer on gown , go to Preferences , graphic, hardware settings and un check  Anisotropic filtering and also the Enable OpenGL vertex buffer objects then apply. Or uncheck the shadows box in your Preferences. Shimmer cannot be seen properly in Ultra Graphics

Q. How do I edit  system skirts?( my butt looks big)

A. For system skirts, modify shape to smaller (less Numbers) hips and butt, this should make your shape look better with the shirt.  If you need further assistance with editing please contact Lovis Timeless

Q.How can I join the MLC Group

A. You can Join  Mohna Lisa Couture group, any live store model can invite, or in the VIP room there are two group joiners.  Simply click and follow the instructions.

Q. I can't take the group gift.  Can you help?

A. If you can't get your group gift, check you have activated and are wearing your MLC group tag. You will not be able to get group gifts unless you have activated your MLC group tag.

Q. My purchase isn't in my inventory can you replace it? I did not receive my purchase what do I do?

A. If you didn't receive your merchandise, check first your recent items inventory you may even have to re-log and check.  If you still don't find it go to the redelivery tab in this blog site and follow the instructions.

Q. Can someone  show me a gown?

A. Any live Model can show if she has the gown in her inventory. For immediate help, its best to contact the model manager LaurelRose Anthony, or Mohna Lisa Couture general manger StarliteStarbrite Constellation who can make an appointment with you to show the gown.  Names and Details in profile picks of Mohna Lisa

Q. I would like to see  a Bridal gown can you help?

A. Contact Model Manager, or Mohna Lisa Couture general manger to make appointment, names and details in Mohna Lisa Profile Pics Tab.

Q. How do I get in touch with the general manger of Mohna Lisa Couture?

A. There is a  picture to show when she is online, touch the picture to page.

Q. I wasn't able to buy the gown on wall VIP room  that i paid for can you help?


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