Friday, March 18, 2011

Casual elegance keeps you looking good all day...

Released Sunday, March 13 2011

Whether you need something to wear during the day that's not so formal but still classy or you want to raid the nightclubs, Mohna Lisa Couture has the perfect casual outfits for those ladies that like to look good all day and night.

Model: CindyS Tatham

Senorita Rea - Velvet Grigio

Senorita Rea - Fuoco

Senorita Rea - Nero

Elle Jumpsuit

Tiffany Wool - Italian Knits
Model: Vichonette Constantine

Saleena - Italian Knits
Model: Chickie Ashbourne

Model: Saleena Hax

Model: Diamonds Beaumont

2 not so new tuxedos in new colors - Smoking & Manor

What's just as exciting as new releases?

Older releases in new colors!

Presenting the Smoking Jacket now also in Charcoal....
Released on Sunday, March 13 2011

And the Manor Tuxedo now in Special Edition Silver.
Released on Friday, February 4 2011

Smoking Jacket - Charcoal

Described as the perfect jacket or tuxedo, the Smoking Jacket is made of velvet with original subtle hints of lucious texture, to lounge around the cigar club or go out for the evening.

Comes with a huge range of collar and tie variations, along with two coat tail options, prim sleeves with cufflinks and a cigar.

Smoke that cohiba in style.

Manor Tuxedo - Special Edition Silver

This stylish tuxedo, originally inspired by miltary formal wear and elegant evening suits, stands out from the crowd, with its intricate work, collar to toes, while the silver buttons, waistcoat and belt detail speak quality.

The tuxedo comes with varied options, including: open collar shirt,closed collar and gloves for those times you have to appear fashionable without being too formal.

This outfit is ideal for wedding wear, ballroom and for taking out your special lady and looking impressive.

Model: Mohna Lisa

Thread Bare is back with a special edition

Released Sunday, March 13 2011

Thread Bare is back with a new, special edition to add to its collection, the Thread Bare Lace, in black and white.

Special Edition - Thread Bare Lace in Black and White

Now you can once again slip into elegance with this beautiful dress, starting with white, just above the elbow, silk gloves. The dress itself was created with soft silk contouring to the luscious and curvy shape of the female body and flowing seamlessly down to the black silk and lace skirt that opens on one side, perfectly complimenting the silk thread accents, also in black, on the left leg.

The lace, in yet another amazing work of art, completes the skirt, encasing it in stitches of fine threaded lace, finishing off with a 100% lace train to finalize this incredible creation, the Thread Bare Lace Gown.

Model: Mohna Lisa

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Ciao Bella

Released Monday, March 7 2011

Say hello to Bella....

Bella - Darkness

Some people say a picture is worth a thousand words.
Maybe they are...
But a picture can't sparkle with flecks of emerald, silver, red & gold
Nor can a picture move like Bella.
So come to the store and let Bella sparkle and move for you...
Without pictures..or a thousand words.

Coming also in Emerald...

Bella - Emerald

and Gold....

Bella - Dark with Gold

Ciao Bella.

Model: Berris Luminos

Madam Fiorella has arrived...

Released February 21, 2011

Introducing Madam Fiorella...a Courtesan inspired dress that brings out the true inner woman strengths in all who wear it.

Madam Fiorella - Sensual Cut

Madam Fiorella is not for the shy. She'll instantly transform the wearer into an elegant, beautiful and sensual woman, desired by men, envied by women.

Made out of black lace with silver flecks running elegantly through the dress, its a dress worth slipping into that you won't want to slip out of. Beautiful black flowers decorate the only shoulder strap and also top of the skirt around the hips, drawing attention to your every move while the skirt itself, made out of satin and lace, flows with the slightest breeze and movement.

Don't fall for someone. Let Madam Fiorella help them fall for you at your feet.

Comes also in a classic, ball gown style...

Madam Fiorella - Classic

♚Madam Fiorella at Mohna Lisa Couture♚
Be desired.

Model: Dolce Enderfield