Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Mohna Lisa Couture Vogue Shorts Set

2 - New releases Mohna Lisa Couture MLC Vogue Shorts set

MLC Vogue Shorts set - Plaid

Now you can have that high fashion  look with MLC Vogue Shorts Set.
Inspired by the  latest look in RL fashion Week, it comes with a  pastel plaid collar midriff top  matching high cut shorts with sheer side  panel
Mohna has added matching Hat,   plaid leggings and heels! you can wear this outfit with or without
alpha layer , flirty  sexy and elegant ........

MLC Vogue Shorts set - Black Knit

Well ladies he didn't stop there!
Mohna  also created MLC Vogue Black Knit shorts set. Highlighted with sheer dotted panels on the sides of shorts. This one comes with 2 versions of leggings  a black knit and a sheer  black dotted one.  Also to round off that elegant in- vogue look are matching heels and the latest look in Jewelry - Rich  Ebony & Gold earrings stunning Diamond bracelet and if that wasn't enough he spoiled us with Fabulous Zebra handbag with diamond and gold accents!!

Jewelry, handbag , heels and hat all included

* Mesh viewer required ( can also be worn with out the alpha top and shorts.)

Modeled by: Lovis Timeless  MLC Super Elite

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