Sunday, February 5, 2012

Sebastion in Sterling and Spice

Hope your day is going well. Today I present to you a new release by Mohna Lisa Couture, centered towards those sexy guys!

A more 'regal' style, Mohna has whipped up a simply ravishing suit, Sebastion, in two stunning colors of spice and sterling. The jacket, embellished with the finest of silk accentuates your features and offsets the dark onyx tones surrounding it effortlessly. A sculpty piece attached at the torso brings out a 3-D effect to the ensemble, easily adjustable, and fit for any form. Included is a chiffon neck tie, embodying only the most praised of noble men.

Also, a treat for the ladies, are the matching leggings, in gorgeous dark tones that accentuate every curve magnificently. This is truly a bang for your buck, and a expertly-crafted piece by Mohna Lisa Couture. Every respectable man should have this in his inventory.



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