Saturday, July 26, 2014

Mohna Lisa Couture 2 Rich Elegant gowns

New release!

Ladies we have a new release 2  rich Elegant Gowns!

Rossa is a deep red color and  Nera Verde is  black and  green shade
both gowns  come with many options to wear and all jewelry is included!

Please come in to try a demo !

MLC Rossa mesh gown

MLC Nera Verde mesh gown

Folder contents

Alpha with Gloves
Alpha without Gloves
Belt  piece
 front piece
 Head piece
 earring L
 earring R
 Full Train and skirt L
 Full Train and skirt M
  Full Train and skirt S
 Full Train and skirt XS
 Full Train and skirt XXS
 Gloves XS
 Gloves L
 Gloves M
 Gloves S
 Gloves XXS
 Gown information notecard
 Hand Piece L
 Hand Piece R
 Lower Skirt Left Leg
 lower skirt Left leg pattern (Add me )
 lower skirt Right Leg
 lower skirt Right Leg pattern ( add me )
 nipple blur ( Color to match skin)
 Rigged Shoulder Drape
Skirt Only L
Skirt Only M
skirt Only S
Skirt only XS
Skirt Only XXS
Top L
Top M
Top S
Top XS

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