Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Mohna Lisa Couture New release MVW 2015 Winner Eleseren Brianna Outfit Mesh!


This year we are proud to announce the release of the formal gown worn in the finale
by the Winner of Miss Virtual World 2015 herself  Eleseren Brianna

Inspired by Eleseren herself this gown celebrates the Haute Couture of Peruvian Designers with its color and delicate lace embroidery on a totally sheer gown,  adorned with a  flowing matching cape.

The MLC management team, would like to congratulate Miss Brianna on her win, and will continue to enjoy our support of  Best of Second Life ( BOSL) for their great work in running and hosting such SL community inspiring fabulous events.

Demo available in store, please read instructions prior to purchase.

MVW 2015 Winner Eleseren Brianna Outfit Mesh 

(Jewelry not Included)

MVW 2015 Winner Eleseren Brianna gown contents folder:

 Eleseren Brianna Cape L
 Eleseren Brianna Cape M
 Eleseren Brianna Cape S
 Eleseren Brianna Cape S+
 Eleseren Brianna Cape XS
 Eleseren Brianna Cape XXS
 Eleseren Brianna Nipple Blur (Color to match your skin)
 Eleseren Brianna Pants
 Eleseren Brianna Gown L
 Eleseren Brianna Gown M
 Eleseren Brianna Gown S
 Eleseren Brianna Gown S+
 Eleseren Brianna Gown XS
 Eleseren Brianna Gown XXS
 MVW 2015 Eleseren Brianna outfit Important Information

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