Tuesday, January 6, 2015

MLC New Years Release! Millousene Cocktail mesh gown!!

Happy New Year!!

Introducing the latest release,  Millousene, this gown with lace embellishments comes in 7 mesh sizes, with a choice of feathery look flexies, to dress it up as a fabulous gown, or style it for a cocktail dress look..

Come in to try a Demo

MLC  Millousene Cocktail  Master

MLC  Millousene Cocktail - Pale

MLC  Millousene Cocktail - Noir

MLC  Millousene Cocktail - Rouge

MLC  Millousene Cocktail  Mesh gown folder contents:

 Millousene Cocktail _XXS
 Millousene Cocktail  _M+
 Millousene Cocktail _S
 Millousene Black Rose nipple cover
 Millousene Cocktail _L
 Millousene Cocktail _XS
 Millousene Cocktail _XS+
 Millousene Cocktail Alpha
 Millousene Cocktail  Important Information
 Millousene Cocktail _M
 Millousene Side Embellishment
 Millousene side Flexi Skirt (Upper Leg)
 Millousene side Flexi Skirt Lower Leg Left
 Millousene side Flexi Skirt Lower Leg Right
 resizing instructions dual resizers note card

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